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Problems faced by New Meditators

Facing problems? Don’t quit until you have tried these easy suggestions to overcome these beginners’ problems…

This article takes a look into a few of the obstacles, problems and simple solutions that can help new Meditators.

1. Mind Wanders

This is a very common problem faced not only by beginners but also by experience people alike. One feels it is tough to silence the mind and keep thoughts from wandering. The chatter in the mind just won’t stop, so what do we do?

Solution: The answer is the moment your mind starts to chatter or wander, start focusing on your breath. Meditation is about experiencing the silence within, and this would only be possible when you learn how to focus on your breath. The natural activity of your mind would go on irrespective; simply let it be. It is your focused breathing, which would help you experience the peace and calmness you need.

Awareness to Breath (A2B) is the easiest technique to overcome Mind Wandering problem. In fact,  A2B can help drop most of the mind chatter (daily 70000 thoughts) to a single breath focus.
2. Uncomfortable feelings…

While meditating, people, at times, do get a little uncomfortable with the feelings that come by. Sometimes it is physical sensations of the body and other times it is strong emotions that come into play. Once again, focus on your breath and affirm that everything is well with you & within you, and your present state of being is the best.

Solution: While “meditation” is on, there are feelings within the surface of the subconscious mind that would erupt, allow them to flow naturally out of your system.

Try and disconnect from the questioning and anticipating Mind. Mind becomes the observer and thoughts are like the flow of river and let YOU (the observing mind) become the observer, sitting at the banks… watching and observing – totally unattached…

Just Observe. Try and let the emotions and physical changes move through and about you, inside you and ultimately out of you.

Remember, what you resist, does persists…

3. Where are the good experiences?

When are asked to meditate, we expect the glorification to happen right from the beginning. This is wrong, because experiences for you wouldn’t be the same as what your loved one had. The emotional and physical state of mind and body would change, just as life circumstances do.

Solution: Do not make any expectations, just go with the flow and allow yourself to understand that your body and mind is different from the next meditator meditating with you. Previous experiences too wouldn’t be the same or repeated, and whoever says you have to visualise a certain situation while meditating, is only manipulating you. That’s it.

Do not make any expectations ATLEAST for the first 10 sessions. Just be at it…
4. Are you sitting comfortably?

We are so misinformed about the way we should sit and meditate. Blame it on the media or the quacks forcing people and manipulating them in ways they want, there is no certain posture for meditation to be effective.

However, one thing for sure is that you shouldn’t slouch; sitting straight upright helps the body focus on the breaths we take. If you find this difficult, use a cushion, which is soft to support your back. When you are comfortable physically, you would be able to form awareness of the body and mind, which would ultimately help you relax.

Problems can be aplenty but conscious effort and repetitions, over a period of time, can help you maximise the benefits of Meditation.
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