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Men can help Women through Menopause

Menopause is a natural physiological process taking place in each woman’s life cycle. Every woman has to go through menopause and this transitional phase in the life of a woman is stressful and can give rise to various uncomfortable physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

Mood swings are considered to be one of the most commonly experienced symptoms of menopause which is considered to be one of the most annoying symptoms of menopause, for the partner.

How can Men help women cope up with Menopause? 

All these changes in the females are often noticed by their partners and at times these changes are misunderstood and it may also affect their relationship.

Men are not aware of the changes occurring and nor do they have any clue as to what their female partner is experiencing. 

The emotional swings suffered by women during menopause often affect those people surrounding them as well. Hence, it is important for the men surrounding these females to understand the woman’s plight & menopausal state. 

Women require support and cooperation from their family members to cope with these distressing symptoms & overcome them smoothly.

Menopause can be tough for men too

We need to understand that this phase can be difficult for men too, to handle their partners, during this stage. Acceptance and being ready to negotiate this menopause transition period can be a stressful phase for men. A lot of men have no clue on how to handle this partner transition, leading to frictions, fights and divorces. 

I read an article in one of the magazine that more than 60 percent of divorces are initiated by women in their 40s, 50s or 60s — the menopause years.

Unfortunately, this serious topic becomes an issue of ridicule and jokes whereas the mainstream media should discuss this, both partner issue, openly and root out the jokes and ridicule.

BTW, early 40s to mid 50s is also the age when men go through andropause ‘the male menopause’, what some naively club under mid life crises. 

Simple tips for men to handle menopausal partner

Generally, men want to be there for their partners as they pass through this distressful phase but they may be clueless about how they can offer help & be supportive. 

Following are certain tips which can help men stand by their loved ones during the menopausal phase…

1. Educate yourself. Be aware of what menopause is and what changes commonly occur in a woman’s body. Gain knowledge regarding the physical & emotional effects on the woman. 

2. Be patient. Patience and understanding are vital during this period. 

3. Spend more time together. Watch a favourite movie or shows together or treat her to a spa. Plan surprise gifts or dinner outings.

4. Avoid pressurising her for sex. Understand that her sex drive and sexual pleasure may change. Discuss these aspects respectfully, and find means to approach them as a couple.

5. Talk to her about how she is feeling physically & emotionally. ALSO Be a good sounding board. Listen to her. 

6. To help boost your wife’s confidence and self-image, remind her that she looks beautiful.  Often tell her that you love her.

7. Reduce her stress and anxiety. Perform enjoyable activities together. Take long walks or go swimming together. 

8. Avoid making fun of her sudden change in appearance, or about any other menopausal woman. 

9. Increase the intensity and duration of your exercise which will put endorphins and serotonin into your brain and lessen the stress of living with a menopausal partner. 

By following the above-mentioned tips you and your partner can ensure that your relationship remains stable and men can support their partners in smoothly sailing across this transitional phase.

Love, respect and patience can help men help women through menopause. Please consult a related expert to know more about the ways to handle the transition. All the Best!

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