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What is Mother Tincture in Homeopathy?

Mother tincture is a homeopathic medicine in its first form before the process of preparation of potentised homoeopathic medicine takes place. It is just a simple combination of natural botanical extracts with a specific amount of distilled water or alcohol. 

Mother tinctures is the lowest possible potency of any particular homoeopathic preparation and forms the base from which further homoeopathic potencies are prepared. Hence, the name mother tincture as it is regarded as the mother or base of a homoeopathic remedy. It is the first stage in the preparation of a homoeopathic remedy dilution. Mother tinctures act as physiological doses. It is denoted as ‘Q’.

mother tincture in homeopathy medicine

Mother tincture is prepared from several sources namely, plants; animals; minerals; nosodes and sarcodes. This form of Homoeopathic preparation is used in treating several mild to severe health conditions. They are prescribed on the basis of the principles of homoeopathy. 

The selection of mother tincture is purely based on the symptoms expressed by the patient. Mother tinctures can successfully control the symptoms but they cannot cure any disease. It only offers temporary relief. They are regarded as a sure-shot prescription for a disease condition, which hardly fails. There is a huge range of mother tinctures available. They should be taken only under the supervision of a qualified practitioner.

Mother tinctures are considered to be harmless as it is the lowest potency and is a less diluted tincture. It can be safely used even in pregnant and nursing women.

Modes of administration

Mother tincture can be used externally or internally. It can be used either as a local application or can be consumed internally. They are available in the following forms…

  • Oil
  • Tincture
  • Ointment
  • Liniment

Dosage and administration
mother tinctures in homeopathy

Mother tinctures have no drug strength or potency. Dosage of the liquid (tincture) is in the form of drops, which differs from patient to patient. The quantity & repetition of drops to be administered is based on the condition; intensity and severity of the disease. 

They are either administered internally or externally. 

1/2. For External Use… A small quantity of mother tincture in the form of ointment, oils or liniment is to be taken and applied on the affected part, as a local application. 

2/2. For Internal Use… Adequate number of drops of mother tincture is to be mixed in water and is to be consumed. 

Advantages of Mother Tinctures  

Mother tinctures embrace several benefits, which are as follows…

  • Quick in action; action begins within 3 to 4 minutes & is effective for several hours;
  • Beneficial in emergency and acute cases;
  • Used as a palliative mode in several disease conditions;
  • A sure-shot prescription with reduced chances of failure;
  • Harmless as it is a less diluted tincture; 
  • Easy and convenient to use.

Disadvantages of Mother Tinctures  

Few limitations of mother tinctures are as follows…

  • They fail to offer permanent solution & offer only temporary relief;
  • Long term use is not advisable.

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