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Movement brings life back to a natural setting

Can you imagine not moving? How would it feel not moving your hands or legs or mouth for the matter?

Famed British Primatologist and anthropologist Richard Wrangham research indicates early humans walked around 15 kilometers (20000 steps) everyday over vast mountain, jungles and waterways.

The blood in the veins move, our hearts don’t stop, kidneys keep cleansing, basically, nothing in the body stops to move.

It seems nothing changes, but when you look back, things look different. There is nothing that stays the same in this universe, let alone the planet Earth. Movement of Earth causes day and night with continuous changes in weather.  Movement decides the seasons…

How would it feel not moving your hands or legs or mouth for the matter?

Growth is a form of movement. After adopting new bodies in the form of newly born babies, living things never stop growing. The day the body stops growing or is unable to grow, the spirit departs the body for spirit seeks growth – a movement in space and time.

1 :: We moved… A lot! We moved… the process helped us learn new tricks to overcome newer ailments, improve the hunting skills, learnt to built shelters, fire, learnt to give birth and nurture children. Everything was an exploration; a new learning. As we moved, we learnt, our horizons expanded.

2 :: We evolved! BUT the last few decades has changed this. Million of years of evolution has turned turtle. Life has turned sedentary. In fact, in the last 25 years, most humans who were walking 15000 steps a day are walking just 2500 steps a day.

3 :: We have stopped moving! Bodies have stopped moving yet the brains are constantly evolving. This Body Brain disconnect has caused a 21st century phenomena we now call Lifestyle Burnout.

Burnout and Lifestyle related ailments have became the new age buzzword. In fact, 90% of the 21st century health issues can be attributed to this rapidly changing life.

4 :: We can make a comeback! We can turn Life back to its natural setting. No! We don’t have to go on an exploration to the unknown lands. All we need is to get on our feet, BREATHE and Move…

Wellness demands movement…

That’s why it is one of the dimensions of yoga wellness. Bringing some action in your life can do wonders to your overall well being – Do Yoga, meditate, walk, run or exercise to move. Letting the body ‘rust’ (sit for prolonged hours) invites erosion of body through diseases and ailments.

People living in cities and other urban centers are the most affected due to a lack of physical activity. The truth is you cannot transform what you don’t want to address.

In fact, the Great Indian Yoga master B.K.S. Iyenger, fitness Guru Jack La Lanne, Golfer Ben Hogan and others reached greatness by optimising their body, breath and brain coordination by simply keeping themselves moving.

Just move…
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