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Adjust lifestyle for a sustained and Natural Weight Loss

Subtle lifestyle adjustments can help with natural weight loss BUT mention weight loss and most start taking food off the plate. They end up starving themselves. Diet deprivation is NEVER the way to lose weight!

This article gives a few tips on how subtle lifestyle adjustments can help you reach your desired weight loss and healthy lifestyle target. Please consult a related expert for further guidance…

Before you start on any Weight Loss Program…

Make 5:5 your Mantra. Remember just a 5% increase in daily steps/exercising and 5% decrease in what goes into your mouth can help you realise your weight loss goal, naturally and without much effort. Read on…

1/7. Avoid Shortcuts. I strongly advise against short cuts. Short cuts may work in the short term but they can lead to compromised health, the damage of which can last for a long time.

2/7. Outlook matters. Any weight loss plan is tough initially but changing a flawed lifestyle is always tough. Mental outlook is the difference between the Weight Loss victory and failure.

3/7. Number obsession. Initially do not fixate on number/Kg/inches. Visualise the new healthier, cleansed, detoxified and fitter you.

4/7. Find the reason. Ask yourself why you have put on weight… Is it because of a Medical reason OR maybe, your weight gain is simply a manifestation. Whatever the reason may be, go to the source.

5/7. Be a Realist. Weight loss is difficult. Be Patient! Plan to fail and forgive yourself if you trip on your plan. Get up and restart…

6/7. Live 12:12 LIFE. Live the 12 hour active : 12 hour Digest & Cleanse life, every day… at least try it a few days a week, even if you lead a very unpredictable lifestyle.

7/7. Ama Cleanse. Focus on internal Cleanse and Detox. “Ama“ cleansed and detoxified internal organs not only help lose stubborn weight BUT also help overcome most of the new age ailments. Drinking warm water can help cleanse and detox; lose weight.

A few smart habits can help lose weight… naturally!

Maybe just a fraction of weight gain is due to unfortunate health issues, mostly we put on weight due to a compromised lifestyle. In fact, I have seen more than 85% of the times just simple lifestyle tweaks can help with weight loss and that too naturally…

1/14. Have a robust breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is 25%, lunch is 50% of the daily food intake. Try and have your Dinner by Sun down. Lose 200+ calories a day.

2/14. Delboeuf illusion effect doesn’t let us overeat. Switch to smaller plates and spoons. Lose 200+ calories a day.

3/14. Pat Blot works. Do the Pat Blot on your stuffed parantha, puri and pizza. Lose 150+ calories a day.

4/14. Window-shopping works! Go for extended weekend window-shopping. Burn 100+ extra calories a day.

5/14. Go easy on “healthy” popcorn. Movie watching? Buy small/medium size popcorn tub. Saves 200+ calories a day.

6/14. Don’t drink BUT if you must… Be Smart! Be a smart Drinker. A glass of beer (150 calories) or a wine (140 calories) instead of a Daiquiri (300 calories) or a margarita (350 calories) saves 150+ calories.

7/14. Accept the traffic jams. Stuck in a traffic jam? Instead of fretting and fuming, try to work on your breathing, body stretches and sing out loud, listening to the radio. Release the stress and tension (the cortisol rush). Burn 100+ calories.

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Excessive Obsession over Healthful Eating

8/14. Drink up Water… Lose Weight! Dehydration, not food hunger, causes 75% of hunger pangs. Keep the body rehydrated for a natural detox and weight loss. Drink enough water daily to lose weight…

9/14. Breath controls fat burning process. Shifting to ‘correct and natural’ Diaphragmatic Sine Wave Breathing can lead to a 2 kg weigh loss over a 30-day period.

10/14. Shun aerated drinks. Drink home made Lemon Water instead of aerated drinks. Just a single switch can help save 100+ calories.

11/14. Just walk the talk… literally! “Walk and Talk”… while on the phone. Burn extra 250 calories in a day.

12/14. If in office… While in office, keep moving around. Try to personally deliver the message to your colleague, whenever you can.

Go to cafeteria to buy your tea instead of ordering in. Take the stairs as much as you can. Burn 150 extra calories a day.

13/14. An apple or two a day due to its fiber and water content, may want the stomach to want to munch less, leading to a healthy weight loss. Lose 100 calories a day.

14/14. Curb sweets craving. White Sugar Kills. Also Read… Harmful effects of Sugar. Every teaspoon of white sugar is around 30-45 calories. Saves at least 100 calories a day.

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