Nidhi Bhakuni is a trained yoga teacher of many years standing. Besides being a yoga specialist, food and cooking is her other passion. She took her lessons in the culinary art from various renowned experts in Delhi, Rishikesh and South of India.

After being well versed in the art and the science of cooking food of different types, she became a strong proponent of the traditional Indian food which is nutritious and tasty. She is against too much experimentation with cooking of food. She strongly believes that the human body responds best to simple food which is cooked in the way it has been cooked in our homes for thousands of years.

She is the driving force behind the ‘holistic kitchen’ modality of LiFe ReBooT initiative which aims to make people aware of the right cooking methods. She lays stress on keeping things basic – consuming seasonal fruits and cooking seasonal vegetables cooked over the right temperature, correct utensils, oils & ghee with judicious use of spices and herbs.

Another area where Nidhi specialises is the ‘movement’ modality of the LiFe ReBooT initiative. She believes that so long as you are ‘moving’ your body sufficiently in a day in doing different daily chores, you will achieve wellness. Doing difficult yoga asana is not compulsory for wellness. Simple daily movements are good enough to remain healthy and have good immunity.

Nidhi, along with the team, conducts yoga classes and organises cooking classes workshops for practical demonstration of how to maintain a ‘holistic kitchen’ and on ‘movement’ modality of LiFe ReBoot initiative. Contact her…

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