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How To overcome low self esteem…

Low self esteem is a situation in which an individual suffers from a sense of insecurity that he/she is inferior to others. Your self esteem is a measure of how worthy you think you are…

Who ails from it?

A person suffering from low self esteem can have a cynical, depressive approach towards life and can be a thorough pessimist. They see the world around themselves through the tinted prism of pessimism, negativity and self-critical thoughts. It affects their behavior and life choices, often lowering their self esteem even further.

Are you one of them?

Low self-esteem can manifest as depression, oversensitivity, hyper vigilance, low assertiveness, passive-aggressive behavior, obsessive-compulsive and/or addictive behaviors?

You may also be suffering from low self esteem if you suffer from Sexual dysfunction, workaholic behavior, poor relationship boundaries, poor social boundaries/skills or have unreasonable expectations.

Can you overcome it?

Yes! Here are a few of the easiest and best techniques to acknowledge and thereby overcome low self esteem…

1/14. Don’t determined self worth just by the dollars in your pocket

Money does not determine the value you hold in your family or society. Your capabilities are reflected by how well you manage your things, and how much you have been for others at the time of need. People look up to you not because you have earned money, but the way you have earned it, the passion behind it, the perseverance it took to get you to that level. Similarly, you are not looked down upon if you have a penny less than the other next to you.

Everything that everyone does in this world has dignity as far as it is done without compromising with ethics and morals. You are a successful person not if you have landed on a high paid job, but only if you work with all your heart. Your heart will only be there where your passion is. So try landing at your heart is, and you will never regret it.

2/14. Learn to appreciate others and accept appreciation

Human beings are hesitant to appreciate someone else’s good work. At the same time they are often left embarrassed when appreciated by others.

How awesome would your employee feel when you appreciate his/her constant hard work or a very impressive presentation he made? You would just make your day. Thus compliments are a way of enhancing the confidence and self-worth of yourself and also the people around you.

3/14. Believe when others say you are good

You never see yourself the way others see you. Remember when you are crying over the imagined incompleteness and a complex, someone else is admiring you for the person you are and the life you live. Why should we not keep faith in ourselves when your loved ones have invested a lot of faith in you?

Never think someone else out there leads a better life than you, which makes you a lesser person. When you try to see yourself the way others do, you will realize you have been living quite a fulfilling life.

4/14. You deserved all of your success

Never think you were just totally lucky enough that all of it happened. Your achievements and success stories are all mostly due to your constant hard work, determination and only partially due to luck.

Nothing was given to you for free. If today, you are at a certain level or position, it is because you have earned it. You have taken the efforts to make it happen and that is why it has happened. Just like you own up your mistakes, own your success too.

“Why escape your intended purpose by copying and trying to be someone else? You will discover who you were meant to be only after you have shown confidence being yourself.”

Suzy Kassem

5/14. Practice mindfulness, with an expert

Mindfulness is the best possible way of letting go of stress, troubles and helps you decipher who you really are. Considering yourself to be surrounded by difficulties can only bring you down. Team up your daily routine with a regular dose of Mindfulness.

6/14. Talk to your inner self

You may be surprised at the amount of energy you hold within yourself. Everything is this universe is believed to be in balance. So if you have been emitting negative energy then your inner core is filled with positive self-belief. So talk to yourself and sort thing out with your soul.

Think of a particular happy day of your life and delve into the happiness of that day. You will find several beautiful memories that you have made. Now convey these memories to your inner self through words and actions. Once you are done, you will feel a boost of self-confidence in you. This may not be life changing but your first tiny step may take you a long way.

7/14. Relax

Relaxation is essential food for life. If you keep yourself stressed and keep on thinking of your inabilities you will never succeed. Sit by some greenery or a calm water body and recollect past happy memories. Think of the good that you have done in life and let go of the unnecessary things that bother you. Not only will this help you in being a better human being but also increase your productivity.

8/14. Read motivational speeches and books

In the Chaotic mess of a busy life we forget about a human’s true best friend- Books. They have no demands or needs. They just want to be read and once you start reading the right kind of books, you are good to go. Not every book is motivational. So you should be careful in finding which book is suited for your mental state.

9/14. Remember that no one is perfect

We are all unique in our own ways. Our way of seeing life is different from one another. So stop thinking about perfectionism. Perfectionism, in any case, is a very relative term and cannot be deciphered with ease. Stop chanting the hymn of perfectionism you may just achieve exactly what you want. Just try to be best of what can be… Just make sure your BEST is on the right side of the law 🙂

10/14. Stop comparing yourself with others

Comparison can become a sick ritual if done almost always. Don’t beat yourself over it. Don’t confuse comparison with inspiration. Not everyone can be Usain Bolt BUT you can imbibe his work ethics. Maybe you will become better than him. Be inspired…

11/14. You can be as beautiful as anyone else out there

Trust me, even the beauty pageant winners would be dissatisfied with the way they look. But what worth does your beauty add or contribute in this world? End of the day, people love you for the person you are, how willing you are to help.

You are capable of numerous beautiful things. Try to identify them rather than getting depressed over your weight or complexion issues. Your family and friends stand by you, not because you are beautiful, because they believe you are a good person. Just be healthy and the naturally beautiful you.

12/14. Engage in constructive action

Life is not cruel enough to only put you in an unending maze with thousand obstacles. It may be harsh at times but life has its own salvation. So don’t get tired thinking of the worst possible things, which can and cannot happen, to you.

Engage yourself in constructive actions and feel a change in your personal aura. Think of the times when you outshone others and made a change in the people around you. Evaluate and self test your ideals.

13/14. Love every bit of YOU

Keep reminding yourself how awesome you have been, how you crossed all those finishing lines, how you struggled and came out of the difficulties, and how all these incidents made you a stronger and better person.

“When you’re constantly thinking of others and what they must be thinking or feeling or expecting, you wind up in this perpetual state of trying to please them. You see yourself through their eyes and you lose sight of who you are.”

Michael Soll

Your past incidents which you thought would scar you forever are just mere chapters of your life. They do not alter anything. Every mistake can be made up with something good. So, at no point think about giving up, love what you are, and appreciate this beautiful thing called life and the people you have in it.

14/14. Talk to an experienced person

We are all in the constant process of learning and knowing. We cannot know everything in life and hence we have elders and better experienced people around us. Talk it out and express yourself. They will help you overcome your fear of being rejected.

We all live in an infinite universe. We all have infinite possibilities. We can be the masters of ourselves… Just be at it! Talk to self… BUT if that doesn’t work… Seek Help!

Take daily doses of these suggested therapies and work out on your own abilities…

If you are unable to get rid of some past unhappy memories then you should talk to those who are a part of those memories. Talk and resolve. Never let grudge accumulate within yourself. Let others know exactly how you feel about criticism. Stop criticizing yourself and keep remembering the good in you and the people around you.

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