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Practice Auto Suggestions

Cambridge dictionary defines auto-suggestion as the influencing of our physical and mental state by thoughts and ideas that come from ourselves rather than from other people.

Auto-suggestion involves repeating a sentence loudly or in the mind, so that, the message gets registered deeply in the mind.

Auto Suggestion is considered as the best tool to influence our sub-conscious mind and make it do what we desire. When we continuously repeat what we wish to achieve or what we desire, that too with the right intonation and extreme passion, our sub-conscious mind catches on the message and prepares itself for what we desire.


How to practice Auto Suggestion

1. Think of what you want. It could be even an aspect of your life which needs to be improved upon or a problem which needs to be addressed. But, ensure that what you desire or want is a positive attribute and is not detrimental to your health or of the society in general.

2. Think of a small sentence related to what you wish to achieve. Ensure the sentence is positive. If you wish to be happy, frame the sentence as ‘I am happy’ rather than ‘I am not sad’.

3. The sentence should be in present continuous tense. For instance, if you wish to be healthy, frame the sentence as ‘I am healthy now’, rather than ‘I will be healthy’.

4. Find out a suitable time to practice auto-suggestion. It could be as soon as you get up, after breakfast or before going to bed. Practice auto-suggestion at least three to four times per day.

5. Put your entire energy into the messages while you repeat it. Your entire body should feel the energy of the statements. You can clench your fist, if you wish so, during auto suggestion to give the messages more intensity.

6. Zero in on a few areas which need your attention first and frame auto-suggestions specifically for those areas. It is better to concentrate on a few areas rather than dissipating your energy on a large number of issues.


Practice auto-suggestion for a considerable period of time…

Don’t give up on the technique just because your practice had not delivered in terms of results.

Remember that auto-suggestion is not a cure for serious ailments, irrespective of whether they are mental or physiological. So, consult a medical practitioner for serious illnesses.

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