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Practice Gratitude…

‘Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance’…. Eckhart Tolle

Our lives are a quintessential mix of the good and the bad. But, most often than not, we forget the good in our life and just focus on the not so fortunate parts of our existence.

We compare ourselves with others and think about what they have which we don’t have in us and crave for it.

This constant clinging to the negatives in life makes us sad and even depressed, thus taking away the beauty and joy from our lives.

Even when a friend or close one of us does something which we don’t like, we forget the good things and memories which they had handed over to us in an instant and just sweat over that isolated bad incident.

Practicing gratitude deliberately and that too regularly and frequently helps us to be calm, peaceful and radiate joy and positivity. This technique of practicing gratitude also helps to develop equanimity is us.

How to practice Gratitude…

1. Keep aside a fixed time daily or on weekends to practice gratitude. But, if you’re feeling very tense or depressed, you can do this practice instantly.

2. Jot down on a book or type in your computer what you are grateful for on that specific day. Just express your emotions without hesitation. Don’t be bothered about the way you express or for your flair for words.

3. You could be grateful even for the simple things or gifts in life. A child on the street could have smiled at you, your grandmother could have called you in the morning asking how you are, a long lost friend or a classmate would have sent you an e-mail-list down everything which you feel grateful for.

4. Ensure you have at least 5 to 7 things in your life which you are grateful for every time you start writing. Try having new things to be grateful for every time you write.

5. Suppose your friend or your parent or even your spouse would have behaved badly to you and you might be obviously upset at him or her. In that moment, take out your journal and jot down the good things those people did to you.

6. Try not to be grateful for things which could harm you in the long run, but could have given you momentary happiness. For instance, don’t jot down that you had a wonderful time while you smoked earlier in the day.

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