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Practice Guided Hypnosis

Guided hypnosis or hypnotherapy refers to a treatment by means of which a professional hypnotherapist helps his/her patient deal with various problems, be it physical or emotional. Hypnosis is a not only a good stress relief technique, but is also effective in dealing with problems like anxiety and chronic pain.


Here’s a short round-up of the step by step procedure:

1. To understand whether you need hypnotherapy, you need to first recognise your current problems and find out whether they can be addressed with hypnotherapy.

2. Decide the kind of hypnotherapist that you like to work with-social workers, counselors, or psychologists.

3. Seek recommendations from others before finalizing on one.

4. The first appointment is crucial. Be honest with your therapist. The information you give him/her now would help you in the long run.

5. Your therapist might suggest a mini-session in the first appointment to see how you respond to it. Do not freak out.

6. The hypnosis session begins with you relaxing in a couch and listening to your therapist that will help you to relax.

7. Once you start sinking into the trance state, you may find your body reacting in strange ways. Your limbs may tingle, you might start hallucinating. Do not be alarmed as it is quite normal.

8. The therapist will then start offering messages that correspond to your problems.

9. Gradually, your therapist will usher you out of the trance. You will remember what has been said, albeit it will feel a little hazy. Be gentle as you get up.

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