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Practice Walking Meditation

Usually, meditation is associated with sitting silently and being aware of our own feelings and emotions. However, many of us don’t know that we can walk and meditate at the same time.

The roots of walking meditation can be traced back to the times of Buddha. Walking is one of the four forms of Buddhist meditation postures, the others being sitting, standing and lying down.

For people who find it tough to sit and meditate for a long time, walking meditation is the best way to cultivate awareness.

How to Walk and Meditate at the same time

Find a straight path to walk. Make sure that there are no pebbles or hindrances on the path. Don’t try walking meditation on main roads, highways and crowded places such as markets.

Breathe slowly through your nostrils.

Before you start your walking meditation, bring your awareness on to your feet. Be aware of your feet touching the ground.

Once you have started walking, ensure your gaze is fixed not beyond six feet from your feet. This will help concentrate on your walking.

Try to Walk Slowly

Be aware of your feet being lifted up, your feet moving forward and slowly dropping down to the ground again.

If your mind gets distracted, slowly bring it back to the walking movement. Don’t be worried about the distractions and judge yourself that you’re incapable of meditating while walking.

Try Walking Meditation for at least 20 minutes a day

As walking meditation combines physical activity along with meditation, a walking meditator gets the benefits of both meditation and physical exercise.

Moreover, as walking meditation is easy to practice, one can do it in the recess and come back to work recharged or immediately after getting up, so that one can have a refreshing start to the day.

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