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Reiki Healing Centers, Teacher Training Courses & Retreats in Rishikesh

Reiki is word made from the Japanese words ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’. ‘Rei’ refers to the heavens, the infinite spiritual world whereas ‘Ki’ refers to earth or the physical body of the person. In fact, all the ancient philosophies and civilisations believed that everything in this universe, between this ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’, is made up of five elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether. Every thing is connected to both.

Reiki, if in perfect harmony, flows freely through the body and removes the potential heaviness caused by ‘Ki’. This energy has restorative and healing power, which helps in bringing ‘Ki’ to the right balance with ‘Rei’. This ‘Rei-Ki’ energy flow balance can be harnessed by the practitioners of Reiki. This is also taught in the Rishikesh Reiki teacher training courses (TTCs) but only by experienced teachers.

Reiki Training Levels…

Generally, the full-fledged Reiki training is imparted through 4 levels. These are: Level 1, Level 2, Master and Grand Master. Reiki Grand Master is the highest level and it is the Teacher Certification level as well. For those who are inclined towards learning reiki, make sure the Reiki healing centres and teachers adhere to this basic tenet of its philosophy.

The Five Principles of Reiki Training

1. Kansha Shite (Be grateful)
2. Okolu-Na (Don’t get angry)
3. Shinpai Suna (Don’t worry)
4. Go Wo Hage Me (Work hard)
5. Hito Ni Shinetsu Ni (Be kind to others)

Reiki – Scientific Explanation

All of us know that electricity flows through our body. There are electric impulses sent through our nervous system in bi-directional communication from brain. Then there is electric current flowing through our blood from heart which goes all over the body. And, there are liquid crystals in every cell on which, when pressure is applied, the piezoelectricity is produced. Therefore, electric current flows throughout body which acts as a conductor. 

The flow of current through a conductor produces magnetism. Within our bodies, bio-magnetism is produced which penetrates and surrounds the body. Every organ also has bio-magnetism around it, with heart having the strongest field which is effective till 15 feet distance. This bio-magnetism cumulatively creates the aura around our body. So, Reiki, as free flow of energy, does hold effectiveness for healing purposes.

Reiki Healing-Training Centres and Course in Rishikesh

This is just an indicative list. Let me know if we have missed any other place, we will gladly add the same to this list.

1/7. Maayaa International Healing School India

With over twenty years of experience in using ancient and alternative healing techniques to cure people of various illnesses and provide wellness training to people, Ms Maayaa is a true exception. She makes use of Reiki, sound healing, crystal healing and chakra healing to provide remedies for stress and other psychological issues. She is the founder of Maayaa International Healing School India which is based in Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

Among the Reiki courses provided at the center in Rishikesh are the Reiki Level 1 and 2, Reiki Master Level, Reiki Grand Master Level and Reiki Teacher Training Course (TTC). Among these, the Reiki TTC is of 11 days duration, whereas all other courses are of 2 days duration. After completing the TTC course, you become eligible to be a teacher and hold classes of your own while practicing this as a service. 

AddressLaxman Jhula , Near Dharamraj Temple Below Zorba Organic Restaurant Rishikesh,
Uttarakhand Pin Code : 249302 INDIA
Phone(+91) 9373052179

2/7. Reiki School India

Established under the aegis of Yogi & Reiki Master Praveen Badoni, Reiki School India is a leading center of Reiki healing in Rishikesh. To begin with, he studied Finance and Accounting but later on changed the course and became a Master in Yogic Sciences. He became a Master in Reiki from Dehradun. He has been teaching and practicing Reiki in Rishikesh for the last 15 years. 

‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word which refers to the flow of invisible energy force within the body. This is known as ‘prana’ in ancient Indian texts. The practice of Reiki is to improve the flow of this energy and bring balance to it. This provides wellness to the person. 

The Reiki courses provided at the Rishikesh center are Level 1, Level 2, Reiki Master Level and Reiki Teacher Training (TTC). The Reiki TTC enables you to become a certified trainer in this healing method. The courses detail about how the energy flows, provides reasons for different blockages of energy, details of the aura and the connection between mind and heart, besides other theoretical and practical moorings of the course.

AddressShiva Cottage, Near Sant Seva Ashram, Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India 249302

3/7. Haritha Yogshala

Reiki healing is an alternative form of healing the body, mind and soul. It results in increased calmness, resolution of distress, peace of mind and heals the negative emotions. It helps you to lead a more balanced life without stress, anxiety or negative thoughts. Haritha Yogshala provides different courses in Reiki healing in Rishikesh. These are certificate courses of different duration.

Reiki Level I and II are of 2 days duration, Reiki Master Level course is of 3 days, Reiki Grand Master Level Course is of 3 days and, finally, the Reiki Teacher Training Course is of 8 days. The certified teacher training course in Reiki in Rishikesh gives training to make you a teacher. Besides learning the practical nuances, you also become conversant with the theoretical basis of the energy flow which is used in Reiki therapies. 

AddressNear Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Swargashram Area, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304
Phone+91-9105888020, 9105888021;

4/7. Buddha Hall

Buddha Hall is a Rishikesh holistic healing and teaching center which provides Reiki teaching classes, among other alternative healing treatments and therapies. The Reiki energy is considered to be of divine nature which has a spiritual connect. This connect helps in healing through compassion and light. The five elements of which our body is made is related or linked to Rei and Ki. Rei is the infinite spiritual world whereas Ki is the energy of the body.

Buddha Hall provides courses in Reiki and Karun-Reiki. The word ‘karun’ refers to compassion. After the Reiki 1 Attunements, the person becomes balanced and complete as the light enters the soul. The course teaches how to place hands where and under what circumstances. It requires you to breathe to the area which is being touched. It is also important to have trust in the healing powers of Reiki because it works at the energy level which is not visible. 

Do check out the details about Reiki courses and Buddha at on their website-

AddressTapovan, Laxman Jhula, Badrinath Marg, Rishikesh Uttarakhand, INDIA
Phone09816376560, 09418187744,

5/7. Samadhi Yoga Ashram

The Samadhi Yoga Ashram is a holistic treatment center in Rishikesh which provides courses and trainings in yoga, meditation, Reiki, Kundalini, Ayurveda and Yin yoga. The Reiki courses it provides are Level I, Level II and Masters Level. All programs are residential in nature and accommodation and meals are provided to the students. 

The Reiki training courses of this center in Rishikesh make the students abreast with breathing exercises, Five elements of Reiki , the five spiritual principles(no worry, no anger, be humble, be honest and be compassionate), meditative postures, healing using palms of hand, mantra chanting, attunements, charas, aura, nadis, chakra systems and many other practices.

AddressSYA Near Laxman Jhulla Rishikesh
Phone(+91) 8126230256

6/7. Mahatma Yoga Ashram

The Mahatma Yoga Ashram was founded in 2008 with the objective of teaching yoga and other practices of wellness to the students. It offers Reiki healing courses in Rishikesh, of varying durations, for beginners and also for advanced learners. Mahatma Yoga Ashram is the Reiki healing center providing classes in this energy healing technique.

The Level 1 course is of 5 days duration. Level 2 course in Reiki is offered to those who have completed level 1. It is of 7 days duration. The next level is that of Masters. This is a 21 days course. The Level 2 and Masters Level courses can be viewed as teacher training courses. The courses are well structured to ensure that you grasp all details of the practice and philosophy of Reiki.

AddressLaxman Jhula Rd, Tapovan, Rishikesh -249137
Uttarakhand, India
Phone(+91) 9557016661

7/7. Kundalini Yoga Ashram

As the name suggest, this center is essentially focused on providing Kundalini teacher training courses. However, it is also a center in Rishikesh which offers courses in Reiki, Sound Healing, Tantra, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. The course which it offers in Reiki is Level 1 which is a beginner’s level course.

The course details about the theory and philosophy of Reiki and its origins. The Reiki sessions imparted address all walks of life. The teacher helps the learner to access their intuitions and to heal the unwanted blockages to energy flow. 

AddressBehind Police Station Laxman JhulaTapovan
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249137
Phone(+91) 8126230256

Please do your due diligence before enrolling into any of the reiki programs/retreats and centres.
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