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Reprogram the Subconscious Mind … Get out of your own way

Life is a printout of your subconscious programs BUT it is possible to reprogram the subconscious mind.

The function of the subconscious mind…

The function of the subconscious mind is to file and retrieve experiences and it responds exactly the way one is programmed.

The data transfer between the conscious and the subconscious piggy back on the attached emotions and it is said, only the thoughts that are backed up by a strong emotion stay there. Unfortunately, we tends to more receptive to negative emotions and the resultant thoughts.

The Human Brain is said to be made up of 95% subconscious processes. We are a programmed entity but when the need arises, we can rewrite the thought patterns.

The first step, should you require to rewire the thought patterns, is to listen to SELF preservation wisdom. Learn to say NO to what doesn’t align with your health. This is easier to address, in the short run and then immediately start the ReBuild ReProgram process. Seek professional help, whenever required…

Though the words subconscious and unconscious may mean different to the psychologists BUT for our convenience, we have not differentiated between the two. Apologies if it offends anyone…

1/7. Repeat what you believe to your Subconscious.
repeat what you believe... to the subconscious mind.

Know your pattern detecting brain. Take a third party help, in case you do not have the clarity on how to go about it. The thoughts normally take the path of least resistance and/or set pattern and you may need to take a third party intervention for changing the programmed thoughts. Habituation and Reprogramming the subconscious is individualised and a work of a lifetime.

Repeating the action on the thoughts creates a pattern – A Habit. Make sure you are conscious of what you are thinking. Thought neural connections in the brains get strengthened over time. 

2/7. Hold your breath. Watch your Breath. Rework the breath.
rework the subconscious mind. watch your breath. rework the breath

Breath pattern, though involuntary, is the first thing we tend to reprogram. Reworking the Breath can help to understand the neuroplasticity – brains ability to reprogram.  Training the Breath is the easiest way to make you conscious of your subconscious.

Breath imitates Thoughts and Thoughts can imitate the Breath. Patterns of breath translate to emotional responses in the body. Rework the Breath. Change the neural pathways.

3/7. Adjust your Language. Talk about NOW. Speak in the Present tense.
adjust your Language. speak in present tense, subconscious mind understands only this narrative.

Plan ahead but work on the NOW Action. The speak in the present should be… “I am doing it now” rather than ”I will do it tomorrow”. What you constantly repeat in the present can become a new thought pattern.

Subconscious mind only understands and responds to the NOW present facts, not a future plan. Make sure your thoughts are steeped in an action plan in the NOW. Adjust the Narrative. 

4/7. Embrace failure and mistakes. Vocalise them. Empty the blocked energy.
embrace failures. empty the blocked energy from the subconscious mind.

People, Society and Social Media can make us hesitant to not address the issues AND what we don’t accept will never change.

Subconscious triggers self sabotage mindset if one doesn’t accept mistakes and failures. Too much energy consumption on avoidance of possible future mistakes, rather than securing present success, can block movement and energy.

5/7. Embrace uncertainty. Accept the unpredictability that life offers.
accepting uncertainty and life's unpredictability can keep the subconscious mind pliable.

We are not in control of how people and things happen, in our life. The only thing we can control and/or manage is our reactions and responses to the same. 

Accepting to the unpredictability of life keeps the thinking mind pliable; accepting of what future may hold. Embracing uncertainty reduces the unnecessary fear factor – the subconscious pain points.

6/7. It is OK to take a break from task at hand. Helps freshen the perspective.
it is OK to take a break from task at hand. keeps the subconscious mind pliable.

Move yourself away from the ‘task at hand’ from time to time. At times, even a small issue can become all encompassing life issue; can become a pattern. Listen to Binaural beats, a satsang or do a group activity. Re-energise yourself. 

Every machine needs some time off… Too much of relentless information process can lead to system malfunction. Taking a break and working on issues with a fresh perspective increase creativity. 

7/7. Accept the Negative thinking. You can not outrun it. Being negative is natural.
you can't outrun negative thinking. accept it. keep the subconscious mid pliable and accepting.

You can only address things, feelings and patterns only when you accept them. Bypassing issues, denial and toxic Positivity NEVER HELPS.

Negative thinking can give a perspective, a clarity and understanding of life, which can make the decision making balanced. Just make sure you do not believe all of them.

Reprogram the Subconscious Mind… Adopt Empowering Beliefs. Take responsibility of your thoughts. Change the belief system. Rather that focussing on what you fear may happen, visualise how you want things to pan out. Know what you want. Think BIG, if that’s what you are working towards. Do take help whenever required…

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