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Role of Yoga Teacher in Yoga Class…

How important is the role of the teacher while teaching yoga asana class? The answer is – very, very important! Yoga asana practice requires a high level of focus, flexibility and ease of mind and your yoga teacher contributes immensely to all three factors whether you realise it or not. So if you decide to take up yoga asana or meditation classes, make sure you synergise with your yoga teacher and your teacher has the following qualities.

1/6. Is Calm and Collected

If the teacher is nervous or jittery, it will be reflected in the progress of the class. A yoga teacher should be calm and collected throughout the session and should be capable of projecting this calmness to the audience. A yoga asana or meditation class will be a total failure if the teacher is tensed or absent minded.

2/6. Is Filled with Constructive Energy

Have you noticed how in school, certain teachers used to emit constructive and positive vibes during their classes? Their very entry into the classroom used to light up the room and they probably were your favourite teachers. This applies to a yoga teacher too. A frowning face can only make the audience more stressed out. A good yoga teacher would always have a good aura around him/her.

3/6. Has Good Communication Skills

As a yoga asana or meditation class is no extempore speech competition, the key is not to spew out complicated Sanskrit terms or philosophies on life. A good teacher keeps things simple and uses words to guide the audience in the right direction. A person who talks a lot can stress out the listeners and someone who talks barely will end up boring them. The key is to find a middle ground and knowing the right things to say.

4/6. Has the Ability to connect to the Audience

A teacher is of no help if he or she does not possess the ability to read the audience. A good yoga teacher will be able to reach out the audience and understand the minor changes in their movements and mannerisms while they perform yoga asana. It is very much necessary that the teacher feels the pulse of the audience and channels the energy of yoga and meditation classes accordingly.

5/6. Is Available to the Audience?

An ideal yoga teacher is one who talks to the audience instead of preaching. He or she will come to the class before the session begins and will stay after class to answer questions or just to chitchat. There is no harm in socialising with the audience, as it will help the teacher understand what the students are going through in their lives. This will help the teacher come up with better-suited sessions for the audience.  

6/6. Is receptive for Feedback

Seeking feedback and acting upon it is a highly appreciable attribute a yoga teacher requires. A good teacher will not act as if their teaching methods are perfect and need no improvisation. An ideal teacher would seek for the opinions of the students so as to improve the quality of the sessions. Good teachers are always aware of the fact that there is always room for change and improvisation.

So there you have it. These are some of the qualities good yoga or meditation teachers should harness so that they can guide the students to their best ability. If your yoga teacher lacks these qualities then it’s high time you changed your present yoga classes and joined a new class, for a good teacher will define the way you practice your yoga asana and meditation.

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