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Rooh Afza Health Benefits

Originally formulated by a Unani practitioner Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed, in 1906-1907, in the dusty bylines of Outskirts of Delhi, India, Rooh Afza is now produced and cools the hot and humid countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.

Besides it being the rejuvenating summer drink of the many Indian household, Rooh Afza also offers some amazing health benefits, list of which is mentioned in this article. 

Originally made out of rose water and kewra, the purpose of Rooh Afza was to combat fatigue and loss of energy due to excess heat of the Indian plains.

In Persian language ‘Rooh’ means soul and ‘Afza’ means that which nourishes the soul or enhances the spirit hence rooh afza means the one that nourishes the soul or uplifts the spirit. The literal meaning of Rooh Afza is ‘elixir for the soul’. 

Nutritional Facts

Rooh Afza contains sodium, potassium, calcium, sulphur, magnesium, phosphorous. 30 ml of Rooh Afza contains 90 calories and 23 gms of sugar and carbohydrates each. It contains no fat or cholesterol.

The Indian Rooh Afza contains several vegetables, fruits, vetiver roots and herbs.

Potential health benefits of Rooh Afza…

1/8. Reduces Fever

It helps in reducing and controlling the body heat. Due to the cooling effect of Rooh Afza, it is useful in the treatment of fever.

2/8. Helpful in Dehydration

The essential minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, sulphur, phosphorus, and potassium that are present in Rooh Afza helps in tackling dehydration, increased sweat, tiredness, and warmth. Due to the presence of these essential minerals, Rooh Afza helps in maintaining water balance in the body.

3/8. Prevents Indigestion

Rooh Afza works as an antacid which ameliorates indigestion. It helps in preventing indigestion bloating and pain in the stomach.

4/8. Improves Cardiovascular Health

It increases the cardiac blood supply, cardiac efficiency and also manages the heartbeat.

5/8. Useful in Nausea and Diarrhoea

It is beneficial in nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

6/8. Useful in Weight Gain

By promoting nitrogen stability in the body, Rooh afza increases weight.

7/8. Produces a Cooling Effect on the Body

Rooh Afza contains cooling substances such as coriander, watermelon and other important cooling herbs which makes it a natural coolant. Rooh Afza produces a cooling effect on the body. It acts as a coolant.

8/8. Provides energy

Rooh Afza provides the body with energy.Rooh Afza contains 100% carbohydrates, which is an excellent source of energy.

Though there are not many side effects of Rooh Afza but people with elevated blood sugar should be vary of not having too much of it. Also, in some cases Rooh Afza may induce symptoms of Diarrhoea and stomach bloating.

How to Make Rooh Afza?

Add 1tsp of Rooh Afza to 1 glass of water or milk. In case you want to add flavour you can add sugar and ice cubes. Drink fresh…

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