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Root Chakra healing, meditation, balancing

Root chakra healing, meditation, balancing therapies help balance the imbalance of inner stability energy system…

Root Chakra is the first chakra in the human consciousness hierarchy, helps create a foundation for the other six chakras. It is also called the base chakra. It is represented as four petals having a square and downward facing triangle. It has the colour of deep vermillion red. A grounded and balanced root puts you on a path of kundalini ascension when the basic physical needs of survival are met.

Root Chakra is also known as Muladhara ‘Mooladhara’ and/or Base Chakra

Muladhara Chakra… Mula (Roots) and Adhara (base) helps evolve from the animal to the spiritual human potentiality state. Muladhara is the most critical point in ones energy system and if not balanced and sure, the physical entity collapses and transforms into a zombie like state.

Element: Earth.

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus.

Operating Principles: Gravity. The right to… To have.

Goals: Life grounding, stability, prosperity, right livelihood, physical health.

You have root/ muladhara chakra imbalance, if you resonate with these questions…

1. Do you suffer from weight issues?

2. Have you turned into a workaholic?

3. Do you feel a need to avoid intimacy?

4. Do you suffer from varicose veins problem?

5. Do you have problems of constipation, piles?

6. Do feel the burden of financial insecurities constantly?

7. Do you have a tendency to be overly rule bound and need to control?

8. Do you have a compulsive need to provide for your family and the people around you?

9. Are you prone to immune-related disorders, skin problems and a general lack of energy?

10. Are you prone to Colon disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease.

11. Do you have physical issues like lower back pain, herniated discs, spinal issues and sciatica?

12. Do you suffer from pains like fibromyalgia, muscles pains, ligaments and connective tissue issues?

Root/ muladhara chakra balancing, meditation, healing techniques and therapies

If during your first stage of life, childhood you felt incomplete of the necessities of life, the root doesn’t take complete grounding. Root chakra gets blocked and/or imbalanced and can trigger various problems like anxiety, fear, physical ailments and illnesses. Chakra imbalances and ailments…

Root being the foundation, balancing this first chakra is most important. A balanced and grounded base chakra helps the other six chakra to potentially vibrate in their natural frequency. The 7 Chakras…

Evolution Stage: Womb to 12 months
Development Stage: 0 – 7 years.

Chakra Healing takes root only when one is able to cleanse and correct the way one thinks and reacts or responds to stimuli. Following are some of the root chakra healing and activation techniques –

1. Root chakra yoga asana

Practice of ‘grounding into gratitude’ movement specific root chakra yoga asana can have a healing effect on the hormone secreting endocrine gland, associated internal organs, immune and nervous system in the body and pranic and chakra energy in the mind space.

1. Happy child pose

2. Tree pose (Vriksh asana).

3. Savasana (The Corpse pose).

4. Mountain pose (Tadasana).

5. Warrior I (Virabhadra asana).

6. Bridge pose (Setu Bandh asana).

7. The Garland pose (Mala asana).

8. Half and full locust (Shalabh asana).

9. Sukhasana (cross legged sitting pose).

10. Spinal roll on the ground or standing up.

11. Downward Dog (Ardho Mukha Svanasana).

12. Chair pose (Utkat asana) and its variations.

13. Child’s pose (Shashank asana/Gharb asana).

14. Separate leg forward fold pose (Parsvottan asana).

15. Vajrasana/Supta Vajra asana (lying back on heels).

16. Leg stretches/lifts with knees bend/variation being knees straight.

17. Head to knee poses (Janu Sirsha asana and Paschimottana asana).

18. Titliasana and the variations. Butt bounce and roll, Knee lifts with breath.

19. Squat. Variations being squats starting from the frog pose, the hands on the ground.

20. Sideways rolls (sideways roll/variation is hands clasped around the shin and/or on the ground, 180 degree apart.

21. Open leg standing forward bend (Prasarita Padottan asana). Variations with knees slightly bend, continuous flow in the woodchoppers pose.

22. Knees to chest pose (Apan asana)… Can be practiced with variations like hands on the shin with knees and feet apart, parallel to each other. Wind-relieving pose (Pavanamukt asana).

The above mentioned root chakra exercises and yoga asana are generic in nature and can be facilitated by any qualified yoga teacher.

2. Self inquiry ‘vicharana’ through journal keeping

Know the Root to nourish the Root. Vicharana literally means to think, to contemplate, to analyze or to introspect. Mind process is where 90% of the root chakra activation and balancing happens. Root chakra dominant people have an issue sharing their feelings, therefore journal writing is a must.

Journal writing can help understand the issues related to one’s basic needs, the personal benchmark and how to achieve them. Read on… Journal writing

3. Emotions and thoughts management

Root Chakra problems will not let you open up to any and everyone around you. Hence the need to discuss issues with a related healer. The sessions of emotions and thoughs release, when consciously practiced, helps clear energies and you feel grounded, secure, joyous and physically balanced.

Vicharana, thought release, affirmations, mantras, auto suggestions and mind reboot helps with base chakra healing and its activation.

4. Root chakra mantra

The Root Chakra Healing Mantra: ‘I am here, now’, ‘I have a right to be here’, and ‘I am connected to the ground, to the root’.

Being associated with ones basic survival needs, people born under this sign, though publicly very expressive and positive, can be pessimistic and lonely, otherwise. They also find it tough to sit in quiet stillness. They need to learn to embrace stillness, express and learn to open up to potential positivity, in the self and around themselves.

Grounding meditation is the basic root chakra mantra. Grounding meditation is the mindfulness technique thats helps to understand, ground and accept and course correct the self. Like the other mindfulness practices, root chakra meditation is also a mind practice and should be practised once one is comfortable within ones own self.

5. Moola Bandha

Root/ Muladhara chakra dominant person has the tendency to clinch the pelvic floor as it is at that place the base energy is stored, on the physical plane. Kegel practice and pelvic management therapy can help with root chakra activation and healing, on the physical body level.

6. Root chakra pranayama

Kapalbhati is the basic breathing pranayama technique thats can initiate root chakra grounding and activation by helping to eject or eliminate what is not needed by the system. An open, flowing and vibrating prana energy speeds up the process of pranotthana; a perquisite for kundalini awakening. Also check Surya Bhedana ‘right nostril breathing’ pranayama

7. Body alignment

Understanding and practice on tensegrity of the human body brings in body balance. This body balance helps balancing and activating the root energy.

8. Food therapy

Protein, minerals, root vegetables, red coloured food like tomatoes, beetroots, strawberries etc.

9. Color vibration

Red. The color Red is the base color of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will and desire.

This Muladhara chakra remains imbalanced if one is not comfortable in ones life primary goals.

Imbalanced root chakra activation and the resultant balancing will help you feel secure and grounded to experience…

1. Self confidence

2. Trust in divinity

3. Stability in everyday life

4. Connected and grounded

5. Prosperity in most aspects of life

6. Rise in self-esteem and self-respect

7. Ability to relax and enjoy the present

8. Sense of trust and a brighter worldview

9. A sense of safety and security for yourself and family

10. A sense of belonging and oneness amongst family and friends

Physical properties

Physical Location – Root chakra location is Perineum, base of the spine; between anus and genitals.

Related Body Parts – Spine, nails, teeth. legs and feet, skeletal system, lymph system, elimination system, immune system, bones & bone marrow, rectum, large intestine, sciatica nerve.

Gland Association – Adrenal Gland

Hormones Associated – Aldosterone, cortisol, DHEA, adrenaline, norepinephrine

Nervous Plexus – Coccygeal plexus

Cognitive Sense/Jnana Indri – Smell

Of late, a few teachers have started conducting yoga retreats, chakra balancing retreats, chakra healing therapy courses, classes, lectures and workshops. Please consult a healing facilitator to understand the root imbalance symptoms and the balancing techniques and therapies.

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