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Schedule something pleasant

Scheduling something pleasant is a part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for depressed patients.

When one is depressed, it is very tough to go about one’s daily activities. Moreover, a depressed person, more often than not, withdraws himself from group activities, going out and meeting others. If something pleasant is scheduled daily, those who are feeling depressed will look forward to it and partake in the experience, thereby leading to enhanced moods.

It isn’t just the clinically depressed who need to schedule something pleasant in their lives. All of us lead lives filled with unwarranted stress and anxiety, which drains us of energy and good moods by the end of the day. If we incorporate a pleasant activity in our daily routine, we will find it a welcome change from our mundane things. Not only that, a pleasant activity will invariably uplift our moods instantly.


Tips to find and do something pleasant

1. Over a period of a fortnight, list activities which you like the most. You must be sure that these activities are what you enjoy the most. Don’t include activities like alcohol sessions which can impair your health.

2. The activities could be group based or solo ones. It could be as simple as taking a morning walk in the park or a spa session or even playing with kids.

3. Find how you can accommodate these activities in your daily routine.

4. Once you are done with the activities, reflect on how they have changed your moods.

5. If you’re depressed, you might find it tough to enjoy the activities. But that feeling is normal and one should not bother about it.

6. If possible, try scheduling something you like every day.

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