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Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Healing

Solar plexus chakra balancing, meditation, healing therapies help unblock the blockages in ones EGO energy system…

Solar plexus chakra is the third chakra in the human consciousness hierarchy, offers the ego boost to meet higher challenges in life. It is given the colour yellowish red. It has the symbol of ten lotus-petals with downward facing triangle within the circle. A balanced third chakra gives the ability to transform right decisions into actions.

Solar plexus chakra is also known as Manipura ‘Ego’ chakra

Manipura ‘the fire centre’ chakra connects with EGO and the life beyond it – the life of dynamism, personal power, optimism, will, wit, laughter, self-control, energy, willpower and accomplishments.

Manipura chakra is the point where the awakening and the transition start – from the human form into the super human form.

Element: Fire.

Associated Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Operating Principles: Combustion. The right to… To ACT.

Goals: Vitality, Strength of Will, Balanced Ego, Purpose.

Indications of solar plexus or manipura chakra imbalance

One of the ways to judge imbalances of solar plexus chakra is to examine whether following questions arise in your mind or not-

1. Do you suffer from allergies?

2. Do you give into stress easily?

3. Do you finish what you start?

4. Are you over sensitive to rejection?

5. Do you feel you are gullible & naïve?

6. Do you have an extremist viewpoint?

7. Do you suffer from a victim mindset?

8. Do you respect yourself and others too?

9. Do you suffer from digestive disorders?

10. Is weight management an issue with you?

11. Do you feel the need for external validation?

12. Do you have Candida overgrowth/Candidiasis.

13. Are you overly aggressive, controlling and arrogant?

14. Are you prone to ulcers, colon and intestinal problems?

15. Are you indecision and find it difficult in focusing, for too long?

16. Do you maintaining integrity by following through on what you say?

17. Do you feel you need to keep your Diabetes in check, almost always?

18. Do you have a big ego, full of one’s self beyond reason? Are you arrogant?

19. Do you feel you are on the journey to “the real world” to learn of self-empowerment and self-respect?

Solar plexus or manipura chakra balancing, meditation, healing techniques and therapies

Do you also feel  overly responsible to compensate for low self-esteem and shame based feelings and feel the world is ego driven, than this assumption could be because of imbalanced or overactive Navel Chakra. Chakra imbalances and ailments…

Solar Plexus Chakra being the the gateway into the higher dimensions, balancing this third chakra is utmost important. Also known as the Manipura Chakra, it holds the key to life balance, right desire and freedom from fear. A Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra, not only gives the ego boost to move forward, it helps the higher chakra to potentially vibrate in their natural frequency. The 7 Chakras…

Evolution Stage: 18 months to 4 years
Development issues: 14 to 21 years

This chakra is the “launch” into the world. A realistic sense of self and awareness of personal power is required to launch oneself successfully, but traumatic events, rejections or losses during this time may halt or indefinitely postpone this development process.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing takes root only when one is able to manages ones ego and how one reacts or responds to stimuli.

Following are some of the Solar Plexus Chakra healing techniques and therapies-

1. Manipura chakra yoga asana

Ongoing practice of specified Manipura chakra asana can works on the internal organs, hormone-secreting endocrine gland and the associated Body parts:

1. Spinal twists.

2. Woodchoppers pose.

3. Staff pose (Dandasana).

4. Pelvic rocks while sitting.

5. Mountain pose (Tadasana).

6. The Gate pose (Parighasana).

7. Cat pose (continuous arches).

8. Bridge pose (Setu Bandhasana).

9. Abdominal toning movements.

10. Side plank pose (Vasisthasana).

11. Inclined plane (Purvottanasana).

12. Boat pose (Paripurna Navasana).

13. Shoulder stand sequence (Sarvangasana).

14. Warrior poses (Virabhadrasana I, II, and III).

15. The Triangle pose (Trikonasana) and the variations.

16. Seated spinal twists (Marichyasana/Matsyendrasana).

17. Leg stretches/lifts with knees bend/variation being knees straight.

18. Side rolls, bent and straight legs (Back and the shoulders to the ground).

19. Downward dog to upward dog (Adhamukha to Urdhvamukha Svanasana).

20. Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana) a triangle with hands close together.

21. Squat. Variations being squats starting from the frog pose, the hands on the ground.

22. Knees to chest pose (Apanasana)… knees apart/ can be practiced with variations like hands on the shin with knees and feet apart, parallel to each other. Wind-relieving pose (Pavanamuktasana).

2. Self inquiry ‘Vicharna’ through journal keeping

Know the Ego to know the self. Vicharana literally means to think, to contemplate, to analyze or to introspect. Mind process is where 90% of chakra activation and balancing happens.

Solax plexus chakra dominant people have an issue expressing themselves and look at life beyond what the ego allows them to see, therefore journal writing is a must.

Vichara literally means to think, to contemplate, to analyze or to introspect. Read on… Journal Writing…

3. Manipura chakra meditation

Being the seat of ones ego and anger, manipura chakra is also known as the seat of inertia. Manipura Chakra Meditation is also known as Fire Meditation.

Manipura Chakra Mantra is: Re-energising the chakra with solar bliss by internally talking to yourself “I’m full and complete”, “I’m here now and am more than enough”.

4. Uddiyana Bandha

Diaphragm Lock for unblocking the blockage of Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra.

5. Emotions and mind management

The sessions of emotions and thought release, when consciously practiced, help overcome mental blockages and pain. Vicharna, Thought Release, Affirmations and Mind Reboot can help with Solar Plexus Chakra Healing and its activation.

6. Manipura Chakra Pranayama

Agni Saar and abdominal breathing are a few of the techniques of correct breathing exercises that help in removing blockages, activating the prana flow, in the third chakra. The Breath awareness is around 7-10cm (3 – 4 inches) above the Navel Centre.

7. Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the science of identifying with No Identification… No Memory, No Pain, No Blockage… thus No Ego Conditioning.

8. Food Therapy

Carbohydrates, fibre and yellow food like lemons, yellow bell pepper and fresh corn.

9. Color Vibration

Yellow. The EGO transcending color. Color of wisdom, intellect, enthusiasm, joy, optimism.

The Solar Plexus ‘Manipura’ chakra once balanced will help you feel secure and grounded and you will experience…

1. Intuitiveness

2. Balanced Ego

3. Freedom for fear

4. Receptivity to accept change

5. Balanced perception and outlook

6. Inner strength, will power and self-confidence.

7. Integration of the inner self with the outer world

8. Enhanced self expression and communication skills

Physical properties of Solar plexus chakra

Physical location – Solar Plexus/Manipura Chakra is located below the diaphragm, center of the stomach area, between the bottom of the ribcage (sternum) and the navel

Related body parts Body – Muscles, digestive system, respiratory system, diaphragm, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen, the small intestine, the lower back, the sympathetic nervous system

Gland association – SPLEEN and PANCREAS

Hormones associated – Insulin, glucagon, secretin, Cholecystokinin, digestive enzymes

Nervous plexus – Solar plexus

Cognitive sense/ Jnana Indri – Sight

Please consult a healing facilitator to understand the ego imbalance symptoms and the balancing techniques and therapies…

Of late, a few teachers have started conducting anger management retreats, chakra balancing retreats, chakra healing therapy courses, classes, lectures and workshops. Do attend wherever possible…

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