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Sometimes life does not go as planned

Sometimes, life does not go as we want it to… Life gets stuck in unexplainable twists, turns and mirages and blur our reality.

Why doesn’t life go as you planned?

Maybe you have blinders on, maybe you are looking at things from the myopic ‘I’ perspective and you’re not looking at the bigger picture. Most operate from the level of fixed ‘I’ point of view, not realizing nothing exist without the roll of ‘unknowns’.

We are all looking through the keyhole of OUR perceptions. Unfortunately, all we do is try to make the hole bigger! Maybe one just needs to expand ones horizon…

Life does not have a set blue print…

Life is akin to rivers that flow from rocky mountains, into torrential waterfall to lush plains, through forests under a canopy of trees. It is a river tripping over stones and boulders, faced with dams that challenge its might.

Life is not a blueprint of railway tracks that follow set routines and directions. Life too has its share of boulders, waterfalls, and dams. The joy of living this life is the thrill of the unexpected. If everything was foreseen or we all had set paths to follow, we’d be devoid of enthusiasm.

Life is a river…

Of course you should plan your life…

Plans show ambition. Plan where you want to travel. Plan your wedding and the life you will live thereafter. Plan the birth of your first child. Plan it all but be prepared for that surprise, that change in plan. Heck, keep a Plan B in the offing!

Oh! By the way, if your LIFE plans goes awry a little too frequently… maybe you need to re-visit your life planning skills 🙂

The Mahabharata ‘Kurukshetra’ war would have ended differently, if only…

In fact, The Epic scripture Bhagavad Gita observes Duryodhana’s obsession with Bheema as the central character of Mahabharata, in the process completely forgetting about unaccounted for “unknown” Krishna and Arjuna.

If only he had…

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