Mindfulness of Sound around you…

Sounds surround us always. The chirping of birds, the sound of computer keys being pressed, the sounds on the streets outside, the honking of cars-there is no dearth of sounds in our everyday lives. To be aware of these sounds without any sort of judgment could be one of the easiest ways to meditate.

Sound awareness exercise can be done at any point of time and at any place, one can practice this technique to get a quick relief from stress and anxiety and to calm the mind.

How to practice sound awareness exercise

1. Sit comfortably and take a few inhalations and exhalations.

2. Close your eyes and focus on the incoming and outgoing breath.

3. Slowly shift your attention to the sounds around you. Don’t let the mind hunt for sounds. Relax and listen intentionally to the sounds around you.

4. Focus only on the sounds and not on thoughts and emotions. Try to find if there are gaps between the sounds.

5. Don’t judge the sounds. Develop equanimity to all sounds.

6. If you feel distracted, take a couple of deep breaths and return to the practice.

7. Practice this technique whenever you feel distracted or stressed out.

If you are at home and have time to spare, you can listen to recorded sounds of the ringing of temple or church bells. Alternatively, you can place a wind chime in your room and listen to the sounds generated by it.

Experience says listening to sounds of temple bells and wind chimes induces great focus in listeners.
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