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Sources of Homoeopathic Medicines

Homoeopathic medicines originate from a vast range of natural or man- made source

The basic sources are almost similar to few other modes of therapeutics; though there are certain sources of homoeopathic medicines which are not used by any other systems of medicine but are used in Homoeopathy. The major difference between homoeopathic medicines and those systems of medicine lies in the method of drug preparation.

Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by adopting a unique process of potentisation, through which the toxicity of the substance is removed and the inert qualities of the drug substances are enhanced.

Most of the homeopathic medicines are prepared by using alcohol as a vehicle while few medicines are prepared utilizing distilled water or sugar of milk. The vehicle is selected based on the nature of the basic drug substance.

The basic drug substances for Homoeopathic medicines are obtained from various plants, minerals, animal products, and even from sources of radiation such as x-ray.


Some of the sources of Homoeopathic medicines are:

1. Plant / Vegetable Kingdom

Most of the homeopathic medicines are obtained from plants. Medicines are derived either from the whole plant or from a specific part of the plant namely bark; leaves; seeds; flowers; stem; fruits; roots (fresh or dried); algae or fungi.

Medicines are prepared from all kinds of plants including poisonous & carnivorous plants.  Some of the homoeopathic medicines that are derived from plant kingdom are Belladonna, Calendula, Arnica, Bryonia, Pulsatilla, etc.


2. Animal Kingdom

Certain homeopathic medicines are prepared from the animal kingdom. The method of preparation is same as that of the plant kingdom. Here, the only difference lies in the source of medicine which is either living or dried whole animal; different parts; secretions; etc. Medicines are also prepared from the milk & venoms of poisonous animals.

Examples of medicines prepared from animals are Blatta orientalis prepared from Indian cocrkroach; Tarentula Hispania prepared from poison of spider; Naja prepared from cobra posion; etc.


3. Mineral Kingdom

Approximately 20% of the homoeopathic drugs are prepared from elements, minerals, acids or compounds. Individual minerals or their compounds are taken to prepare medicines. The method of homoeopathic drug preparation eliminates the toxicity of the metals, making it safe for use.

Examples of homeopathic preparations from minerals are Natrum Mur derived from table salt; Cuprum Met from Copper; Aurum Met obtained from Gold; Ferrum Met from Iron; etc.


3. Nosodes

Nosodes are homoeopathic medicines prepared from morbid tissues or secretions; including blood, discharges, pus or saliva. Microbes, bacteria, viruses are also used to prepare nosodes. The toxicity of the substance is removed through the process of potentisation and higher potencies are prepared. One need not fear from this source of medicine as the medicines are free from any harmful substance.

Example of homeopathic medicines obtained from diseased tissues are Ambra grisea which is considered to be a disease-product derived from the whale; Tuberculinum is obtained from sterilized tuberculosis bacteria; Anthracinum is derived from the diseased spleen of sheep; etc.


4. Sarcodes

Sarcodes are prepared from healthy parts, tissues or secretions of animals. Higher potencies of homoeopathic drugs are prepared that are efficacious in treatment of several conditions.

Example, Drug Pancreatin is prepared from the secretion of pancreas.


5. Imponderabilia

Imponderabilia means “which is not weighable”.  Substances which have no perceptible weights are used from preparing homoeopathic medicines. Drugs are prepared from immaterial power or universal energies such as electricity, magnetism, X-rays, Sunrays, Lunar rays, etc.

An example of a drug prepared from imponderabilia is X- Ray which is prepared by exposing alcohol to X–rays.


All the above mentioned sources may appear to be harmful but they are not…

The unique process of homoeopathic drug preparation – potentisation, eliminates the toxicity and makes the medicine safe for use. Hence, one need not fear from the sources from which the homoeopathic medicines are prepared.

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