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Spiritual LIFE changing advices for you

Here are some of clichéd spiritual life advices being told in a different light, hoping to make a better impact on people.

Spiritual in this article context is taken as things relating to the human soul as opposed to material and physical things.

Yes! We know there is no recipe for a perfect and happy ‘spiritual’ life… Just give it a Read!

1/10. Fear is one of the main reasons that make us hold back…

Why fear the fear? Who told you that fear is scary? Maybe it could be funny too. There are two ways you can look at a horror film – either you get scared out of your mind and hide yourself under the blankets, or laugh at the funny ghost in his ultra-fancy costume. So fear is what you perceive out of a person, thing or feeling… More than 80% of the times 🙂

Maybe your stressful job isn’t as horrible as you thought it is. Maybe your partner is not as… … …

2/10. That thing called your cell phone…

Yes! Indeed a very wonderful invention by mankind, yes your latest iPhone is just super cool, but make sure you do not miss out much cooler and more wonderful things around you. Yes capturing a moment is important when you go on a trip, but do not capture so much that the whole purpose of the trip just becomes a photography assignment. There is much more to life, better images and memories are the ones that are sealed on your heart not on your phone gallery.

Best search engine may not be Google, but your well-read grandpa. We all are so consumed by the awesomeness of our phones that we miss a lot of beautiful things.

3/10. Do something for others…

Your life is not just YOU. You cannot be spending all your life being that self-obsessed, selfish, opportunist and mean person. I know most of us are not… Yet give it a thought.

Do something for people without thinking what you are going to get in return. These small things that you do for others are not the losses in the big business called life. But end of the day, those things may your only gains… for the time being!

4/10. Give your LIFE a pause

Give yourself a 30 minute timeout, everyday… Oh yes you are very busy with your great job and a happening social life. But do you manage to find a couple of minutes to just sit, sit for nothing? Spend this timeout time thinking about your precious childhood memories and how all these have shaped you. Observe, reflect and think with a cup of coffee.

Maybe look out of the window and try figuring out why the street dogs are actually doing what they. Just observe… Draw parallels of from unrelated things… That is so going to be a killer mind exercise!

5/10. Relish the present…

We either cry about the past or worry about the future. But the truth is what you are doing right now will be your past in five minutes, and what you do in the next five minutes is going to be your future. So it is your present that has the immense potential to decide your past and also future.

Just make sure this moment is spent wisely.

6/10. Know the Nature…

How detached we all are from the beautiful creations of nature? While we adore the skyscraper built in style, we ignore the huge banyan tree beside it. Hope you realise being attached to nature is being attached to your ‘spiritual’ roots.

Being one with the nature can help the brainwaves to synergise with the the rhythmic natural resonance. (Will discuss this topic in a follow up article)

7/10. Eat it out… Indulge your senses

Good food is sometimes a one-stop solution to all your worries. There is no tension that a cup of dark chocolate ice cream with hot chocolate sauce, brownies and chocolate chips cannot heal. Do not, always, over emphasize on your diet – staying healthy is very important, but sometimes a calorie burst can give a happy surprise to your stomach and mind.

8/10. Learn to Move on…

If your time, effort and honesty are not worth it, then give it up. Give chances, second thoughts, time and everything that you want, but when you ultimately reach that saturation point, do not hesitate to walk away. Everyone deserves to be happy in life however or whatever. And if anything that lets you not have what you deserve, then that do not definitely deserve you.

9/10. Take a much needed break…

When you think it is finally time to take that break from your busy schedule, try and do it with zero guilt and regret. You definitely deserve a break after all that hard work and effort you have put in. So pack your bags and go on vacation to your favorite holiday spot.

Life is too short to finish it off doing office work all the time.

10/10. Don’t bottle up… Simply Share

And this does not mean share on Facebook and Instagram. But share it with people around you. Too much holding back can be equated with a wound up spring. If you do not release this tension, nature will do it for and… …

Give it a ‘Spiritual’ thought… Do not calculate so much, LIFE just does not abide by the calculations you have done for yourself. Your fate is always a better mathematician than you that way.

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