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Take a Self-compassion pause

We could be compassionate to others. But are we compassionate to ourselves? Most of us aren’t.

Self-compassion can go a long way in relieving ourselves of unwanted stress and anxiety, and transform us into more peaceful beings.

In the midst of hectic and stressful lives, it is quite natural that we forget to be compassionate to ourselves. That is why it assumes utmost importance to take a break whenever we are stressed and intentionally practice self-compassion. Ultimately, if we aren’t worthy of compassion, who else in this world could be?


How to practice self-compassion?

1. There isn’t a need to practice self-compassion at specific intervals. Do the exercise whenever you feel so. However, if you feel too stressed, take a break immediately and practice this technique.

2. Take a couple of deep breaths. Then, close your eyes.

3. Acknowledge that you are stressed. Realise that you are suffering. But, also acknowledge that you should treat yourself with kindness.


Repeat within yourself the following statements. Feel the strength of the words.
  • I acknowledge that I am suffering right now.
  • Every creature on this planet suffers in some way. Suffering is a part of human existence.
  • I love myself. I accept myself as I am. I am compassionate towards myself.
  • May I experience and radiate peace.

Feel free to modify any of the statements to suit your specific needs and situations.

Get back to your activities after this exercise with a smile and a pleasant acceptance of reality.


A word of Caution

Self-compassion should not be mistaken for self-indulgence.

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