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‘Taking in the Good’ Mindfulness…

More often than not, we sweat a lot on the negative and the not so fortunate part of our life’s experiences. We conveniently forget that our life has had a share of good and pleasant things too.

According to Neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson, it is important to consciously and deliberately help our brain register positive experiences, so that, they get engrossed into the deepest layers of our mind.

‘Taking in the Good’ mindfulness practice will help one to develop a positive attitude towards life.

Moreover, a regular practitioner of this mindfulness practice will find it easy to digest the painful experiences in his life and move ahead.

How to practice…

1. Pause for a while and be aware of the positivity around you and within yourself. It could be even a small and simple thing such as the smile of kids or the flowers blooming in the park or the rising Sun. During this session, consciously focus on the good. Keep aside the worries and anxieties during this time.

2. Don’t let your mind wander from one thing to another. Consciously let the mind focus on the good thing for considerable time.  As per Dr. Rick Hanson, positive experiences have to be focussed at for at least 5, 10 or 20 seconds, so that, they will get imprinted in our memory.

3. Visualise that positive experiences are settling deep within you. Imagine that they are healing you and replacing the negative emotions with the positive ones.

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