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The leotard man cometh…

This, in short, is a preliminary sketch of a Body-Mind-Soul wellness nut.

Wow!! Look at you, you energetic bunny you. All sprightly, agile, bursting with energy and quick on the spot lectures on benefits of going vegan, fruitarian or _________

The signs of identifying the deeply involved Wellness Nut!

People who rolled their eyes earlier are avidly drinking in your words. People are looking up to you for advice about their health, diet and for general well being. All of these factors serve to skyrocket your self-esteem, which is not a bad deal, and if you were to meet a fellow wellness enthusiast who feeds and fuels, it pushes you to the edges of obsession!

The Leotard Man/Woman

Come rain or the sunshine, day or night the wellness lover would be found wearing the sweatshirts/tank tops/shorts. A short visit to a mall or to the dreaded Parent-Teacher meeting will see him casually dressed in a tee and a jogger’s pant. Short of a presidential visit to his/her home, no other earth shattering event will see the wellness fan in formals or regular wear.

Your ideas for gifts have undergone a sea change

Gone are the days where you splurged on Bvlgari, Harley Davidson or a Chanel. A new set of Diet manual or gymming equipment is on your shopping list. The fitness freak is not content with buying gifts for themselves; they are compelled to share their obsession thus inflicting similar items on their helpless and hapless friends.

Your social footprint has changed

Your accounts in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter is no more about bantering with friends or following sports and other activities. Rather, it is littered with motivational quotes, workout videos, links to inspirational articles and learn a thing or two about trimming, getting 6-pack, 12-pack or bulking up like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The appointment Book has a halo around it

Your appointment book no longer contains just the meetings and schedules of daily life. It also sports special shopping lists, the appointment with the holiest of holies – your trainer, your workout regiment. The handy book is carried everywhere lest the CIA steals it when you aren’t looking.

You have a colorful fridge

The dull fridge is no longer the storage medium for leftover’s or ready-to-cook meals. It’s now a brand new funky storage filled to the brim with colorful vegetables rivaling the rainbow or the dressing sense of Govinda!

The Smooth(ie) Drinker

The day begins with a smoothie made of assorted veggies or fruits guaranteed to make you function like a superman on steroids. Never mind the fact that the smoothie looks like a mash up of overgrown fungus or bird droppings 🙂

Shopping is Serious

Shopping is no more picking out the items and dunking into your shopping trolley. Nay Sire! Nothing so easy and simple for a fitness fan. He/she will pick out each item gingerly like a grenade that’s about to go off. The suspect item will be carefully scrutinized for energy, calories, carbohydrates etc. Only when the blessed item ticks all the boxes will it find itself scoring a goal and landing in the trolley basket.

If you are looking for someone to guide you in the path of diet, health and slimming – You have found your Messiah. If you are the type who loves uncomplicated LIFE – run for your life when such a paragon approaches 🙂

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