Things to do to make someone feel loved

Relationships having love, care, strength, beauty are like the most sensitive and fragile plants that need to be watered every day for them to shine always.

However, when you look forward to seeding a new plant, it requires special care, attention and love for it is very delicate in the beginning. So, to seed the plant of relationships beautifully and grow them to beautiful blossoms, let us talk about the ways one can express love to their partner.

A word of caution: Making someone feel special or loved in any relationship doesn’t mean one has to lose ones self identify. Please contact a related expert in case you need more clarification and/or guidance…

10 simple things one can do to make someone feel loved

No one is really sure what really makes a relationship tick BUT these small gestures can help a relationship stay stronger…

1/10. The special gestures

There are special gestures that are meant only for the ones you love. You say ‘I love you’ or hug them while saying a goodbye are some special gestures of love. An intimate text in between for no reason is another sign that makes one feel special. The togetherness in doing anything like sleeping at the same time, studying, getting along with your partner, making them feel that you are with them are such gestures that make them feel loved.

2/10. Constructive communication

Constructive expression means a lot in a relationship that is going through its ups and downs. Communicate with your partner saying you are with them celebrating all the good times and standing by them in the bad. Tell them that you understand. A sense of understanding in a partner makes one feel loved.

Appreciation is another major component of communication that can make you partner feel loved. Who does not like appreciation; so, does your partner. And when this appreciation is by you, it turns out to be more special. Tell them how you enjoy certain aspects they possess.

3/10. Make them feel relaxed

There are a number of ways to make your loved ones feel comfortable. You could help you partner cook, ask your partner to take a break, offer them a glass of water when tired, etc. If you are a parent, then take some time alone from your kids in peace. Pull out a chair for them, open the door and it is these small factors that can make them feel relaxed and special.

4/10. Be their stress busters

Is your partner in stress? Ask them to speak up. Tell them you are there to listen and help them solve their problems, if they need you to. And guess what, once they speak up their glitches that are causing stress, your partner will automatically feel relieved. All you do is give them time and listen. Run for a hot water bath with your partner to release stress. Try to divert their mind to something fascinating. All these options really help evade stress.

At no time be romantic when your partner is stressed or frustrated. First make them feel calm and it is only then a perfect moment to get romantic. Getting romantic is the best thing to do to make your partner feel loved.

5/10. Discuss the beautiful memories

Spend some time discussing the wonderful memories you have had in the past with your partner. These initiates conversations triggering smiles and better plans to recreate them again. Talk to them about your first kiss, first hug and tell them how special it has been to you.

Look at the pictures you had clicked to capture these memories. Recollecting them will always boost up your love leaving behind the pressure and stress of the present.

6/10. Go on a trip, together

Vacations are the times that will become a memory forever. Trips are the best chunk to express love spending time at new places with your partner. Check out beautiful places that you could enjoy visiting. This could be enjoying the nature’s beauty, architectural places, fun places, amusement parks, etc. New places will always create new memories and enhance your love.

7/10. Listen to your partner

Tell them that you are there to listen. Understand your partner’s problems. If they do not like a certain habit in you, tell them you would change it for betterment. Never argue with your loved ones on anything. Be calm. Share your stories and then take out time to listen to them. Relationships are sensitive because of the negatives of these habits. So, strengthen your relationship by making them feel easy to speak up.

8/10. Have some fun

Get out of the regular schedule of work and do something that both you and your partner would like to do. Watch some TV show, go out for dinner, play games, cuddle in the bed, etc.

9/10. Make them feel a priority

Now how does one do that? Your partner will feel prioritised when you offer them things before anyone else. Appreciate about habits and efforts of your partner in public. Let them know that they are everything to you. This is how you make one feel pose a priority in your life.

10/10. Gifts and surprises

Even a small flower will help you make them feel loved. Gift them something they wanted since a long time. Keep surprising them with different ideas occasionally. These gifts and surprises will add some romance in life. Romance is a beautiful feeling to have for it evades the negatives that might occur in your relationship. It is like a medicine to remove small scratches in your relationship. Gifts and surprises are a fantastic way to make them feel loved.

The above factors being the top tips of seeding your relationship perfectly, the outcome will surely be a beautiful and blossoming plant of your life. It is easy to make your partner feel loved if you are sympathetic to them, sweet to them and understand them to the fullest.

Relationships simply need love, care, friendship, naughtiness and trust and it all turns the brittle factors stronger. Try considering these tips and you’ll surely make them feel special and loved.

Aashish Nanda

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