Third Eye ‘Ajna’ Chakra Meditation, Balancing, Healing

List of Third eye ‘Ajna’ Chakra Meditation, Healing and Balancing therapies to find acceptance in one intuition energy system.

Third eye chakra balancing is intuition activation. Third Eye, the most important Chakra in the whole chakra system, once activated,  goes beyond the restrictions of the body (auric, etheric or gross) matrix and merges with the cosmic consciousness.

Third eye is the dimension beyond knowledge, senses, sight, reason and the MIND.

Goals – Feel the Connect.

Operative Principle – The right to INTUITIVE sense.

Third Eye ‘Ajna’ Chakra Balancing, Meditation and Healing Therapies

Chakra Yoga Asana therapies – Working on the internal organs, hormone-secreting endocrine gland and the associated Body parts. Balancing poses like –

1. Crow Yoga Pose – Kakasana Asana
2. The Crane Yoga Pose – Baka Asana
3. Fire Fly Yoga Pose – Tittibha Asana
4. The Tree Yoga Pose – Vrisksha Asana
5. The Triangle Yoga Pose – Trikona Asana
6. The Mountain Yoga Pose – Tada Asana
7. The warrior Yoga Pose – VirBhadra Asana
8. The Fixated gaze – Tratak

Third Eye Meditation – ‘No Mind’ Meditation can help activate third eye.

Body Alignment – Through Body Balance Postures.

Emotions & Mind Management – Sessions can help break the Mind Roadblocks and lead to higher consciousness activation.

Food Therapy – Fasting, Hallucinogenic Foods and Liquids.

Color Vibration – Violet is the color of Spirituality.

Third eye ‘Ajna’ Chakra activation will help you experience the following

1. The inner calmness shines through.
2. You draw strength from your imagination and intuition.
3. You catch yourself doing accurate psychic interpretation.
4. You have an intellectual clarity.
5. You feel relaxed and comfortable in any reality.
6. You see things clearly; reading between the lines.
7. You develop psychic activation, clairvoyant abilities.
8. Your intuition is reliable and fully activated.

Physical properties of Third Eye ‘Ajna’ Chakra:

Physical Location – The Centre of the forehead.

Gland association – Pituitary and Pineal Glands.

Hormones – Being the master gland, it manages and regulates all the other glands.

Nervous plexus – Carotid plexus, hypothalamus, and autonomic nervous system.

Body system association – Hypothalamus, the nervous system, eyes, ears, nose and the complete face.


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