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Throat Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Healing

Throat Chakra is the fifth chakra in the human consciousness hierarchy and it gives you the confidence to express yourself. Satoguna starts here. Throat chakra activation, balancing, meditation, healing therapies help maintain a balance in ones inner expression energy system. It is represented by the symbol of Vishuddha which is a 16-petal lotus flower containing a downward facing triangle with a circle inside. The colour given to this chakra is light blue.

Throat Chakra is also known as Vishudha Chakra

Vishudha “Your inner voice” Chakra is the center of ‘control cleansing and purification’ of all the internal and external communication and creative expressions.

Element –  Eather

Goals – Connect, Communicate, Flow.

Operating Principle – The right to express & be understood… To be HEARD.

You have throat or vishudha chakra imbalance, if you resonate with these questions…

1. Are you a bad listener?

2. Is thyroid an issue with you?

3. Do you get constant headaches?

4. Are you tone deaf and have poor rhythm?

5. Do you tend to suffer from ear infections?

6. Do you catch yourself talking just as a defense?

7. Does you back hurt, is your upper body misaligned?

8. Do you suffer from temper tantrums (out of the “blue”)?

9. Do you have a healthy thyroid; balanced metabolism?

10. Do you tend to suffer from laryngitis and swollen glands?

11. Do your voice has clarity and resonance when you speak?

12. Do you choke up, have a restricted speech or talk too much?

13. Is your voice raspy and you suffer from a chronic soar throat?

14. Do you suffer from a recurring pain in the neck and shoulders?

15. Do you have a healthy mouth; teeth, gums, tongue, tonsils and throat?

16. Do you have the inspiration and creativity but you feel inability to express?

17. Do you, from time to time, suffer from mouth ulcers and gum difficulties?

18. Do you have the capacity and clarity of thoughts and feelings others can understand?

Throat or Vishudha chakra balancing, meditation, healing techniques and therapies:

The blockage of the 5th chakra is linked with your fear off not getting good response from your listeners when you are speaking or the fear of getting insulted if you dare to go against their wish. All these things limit your throat chakra and the ability to stand up and speak. The main reason is negative thinking and doubts that block this chakra. Chakra imbalances and ailments…

Throat Chakra being the point of expression, balancing this fifth chakra is important. A Balanced Throat Chakra gives you the ability to not only speak your thought, but also listen equally to others and paying attention to what they are saying. The 7 Chakras…

Evolution Stage: 7 to 12 years
Development issues: 20s to 30s

This chakra begins its journey when we choose to take responsibility for our lives by moving ahead and living the truth or choose to withhold ourselves from our relationships, careers and ourselves.

Throat Chakra Healing takes root when you learn to stand up for yourself and speak out what you feel. Following are some of the Throat Chakra activation and healing techniques and therapies….

1. Throat chakra yoga asana

Ongoing practice of specified Vishudha Chakra Asana work on the internal organs, hormone-secreting endocrine gland and the associated Body parts:

1. Supine poses.

2. Shoulder lifts.

3. Stomach crunches.

4. Dancer (Nataraja asana).

5. Fish pose (Matsya asana).

6. Camel pose (Ustra asana).

7. The Plow pose (Halasana).

8. Butterfly pose (Titli asana).

9. Shoulder stand (Sarvangasana).

10. Bridge pose (Setu Bandh asana).

11. The Cat/Tiger pose (Marjari asana).

12. Cobra (Bhujangh asana) and the variations.

13. Neck stretch variations by engaging the arms and twisting with torso too.

14. Sunbird (Chakravak asana) variant of the cat cow pose – engaging the legs/head.

15. Knees to chest pose (Apan asana)… knees apart/ can be practiced with variations like hands on the shin with knees and feet apart, parallel to each other. Wind-relieving pose (Pavanamukt asana).

2. Throat or Vishudha Chakra Pranayama

Techniques of correct breathing namely ‘Ujjayi’ helps in the free flow of Prana.

3. Throat or Vishudha Chakra Meditation

Vishudha Chakra is the point of our connection and communication and it empowers our ability to synergise through the spoken word what is in our hearts and in our mind. Balancing the energies of this chakra is fundamental to our very existence.

Also known as Expression Meditation, the Vishudha Chakra Meditation helps you to improve your expressions; the ability to vocalise and be heard, without being bogged down by life fears.

4. Bandha

Jalandhara bandha (Chin lock).

5. Emotions and Thoughts Management

The sessions of expressions and communication blockage release, when consciously practiced, helps you to speak what you feel is true or correct, but also helps you to listen to others, thereby offering complete communication.

Every single time we open our mouths we are making a choice to heal or harm. Each word as it is uttered takes a little form in the etheric matter, just as a thought does in the mental matter. It would be nice to speak at most times the “right words”, “kind speech” and respectful expressions.

Vicharna, Thought Release, Affirmations and Mind Reboot helps with Throat Chakra Healing and its activation.

6. Beneficial Foods

Fruits, Soups and Juices.

7. Color Vibration

Blue.The Color that soothes the Soul.

The Fifth Chakra remains imbalanced if one is in a downward spiral of negative thinking and self doubts.

Throat Chakra once balanced will help you feel secure and grounded and you will experience the following

1. You have the strength to listen to intuition.

2. You express and communicate without arrogance.

3. You have clear communication and self-expression.

4. Can differentiate between aggression and assertiveness.

5. You respect others point of view even if you do not agree with it.

6. You realize purification is the purpose; communication is the focus.

7. Receptive, allowing and accepting transformation; consciously adjusting well.

8. You develop willingness to listen to others without fear of speaking one’s own truth.

Physical properties of Throat Chakra:

Physical location – Throat. Center to lower neck, in area of thyroid gland

Gland association – THYROID and PARA- THYROID GLAND

Hormones – Thyroxin and triiodothyronine, calcitonin, parathyroid hormone

Nervous plexus – Cervical plexus, pharyngeal plexus

Body system association – Metabolism, throat, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the neck, vocal cords & organs, mouth, teeth, gums, jaws and ears.

Please consult an chakra healing facilitator to understand the Vishudha Chakra imbalance symptoms and the balancing techniques and therapies.
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