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Maintain a Mood Journal

Our moods hardly remain the same for the entire duration of the day

Joy, sadness, depression, elation-it all happens in the course of a day.  At a particular point in a day, we might be feeling an utmost sense of calm. But, in a split second, someone or some event would have left us in a fit of rage. Most of the times, we don’t even realise the subtle shift in our moods.

We feel that a bad mood comes unannounced. But, on closer examination, it isn’t the case. There is always a trigger for a bad mood. These triggers could be a person or an event, which makes our underlying feeling burst forth and make us a victim of a negative mood. It is quite well understood that one cannot be in a constant good mood.

However, if we are able to recognise as to what or who makes us happy and similarly, what triggers sadness and anger in us, we will be better equipped to deal with negative moods.

A mood journal or mood diary is the best way to track and evaluate one’s moods. It helps to jot down ones moods over the course of a day or time

A typical Mood Journal should include:
  • Date and Time
  • What triggered the Mood
  • Mood Duration
  • Place (Where it happened)
  • Intensity of the Feeling (Rate 1 to 10)
  • Sleep duration the previous Day
Tips to make an effective Mood Journal

1. Use the mood diary regularly and frequently. A mood journal is not just for the bad moods. So, jot down your good moods too.

2. Keep it in a safe place where you don’t want others to see it.

3. If you spend most of your day outside, carry the journal with you.

4. If you intend to visit a psychiatrist or a counselor, or if you are already being treated for a mental illness, please show the mood diary to your physician.

5. Don’t be bitter on yourself, just because you have been experiencing frequent bad moods.

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