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Try Periodic Food Fasting Detox

Fasting or the abstinence from food is as old as mankind is. In many religions, fasting is a ritual practiced on a specific day.

At a physiological level, fasting helps

1. Rest the digestive system

2. Cleans and detoxifies the body

3. Aid weight loss

Types of fasting

As per, following are the different types of fasting:

1. Dry fasting: Complete foregoing of food

2. Liquid fasting: Foregoing of solid food and consumption limited to water or juice

3. Partial fasting or selective fasting: Foregoing of certain types of food

How to fast

1. Select which fast will be beneficial to you. If you are fasting for the first time, start with partial fasting.

2. Determine how long will you fast. Again if you are fasting for the first time, try fasting only for half a day and gradually increase the duration to a single day of fasting over a few months.

3. Beware that people can die due to lack of food. So don’t fast for a long period of time.

4. During fasting, if you feel dizzy, stop fasting and have water and food.

5. At times, lack of food can affect your energy levels. So, if you are planning a day long fast, do it on a weekend or a holiday when you will be at home.

6. A day long fast could affect moods too. So, try staying at home if you are on a long fast.

The following people are not advised to fast:

1. Expectant mothers

2. Breastfeeding women

3. Children below the age of 12, unless advised by a medical practioner

4. People who have been diagnosed of hypertension, hypotension, kidney and liver disorders

5. People who have eating disorders

6. People who are recuperating after a major surgery

While you can gain immense health benefits by simply using fasting as a detox aid, one thing you should remember is that detox is an ongoing process. It will never be an instant fix for health problems. Please consult a wellness consultant to know what may work for you.

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