Vishudha Chakra: Know your Throat Chakra

Vishudha Chakra is Derived from Sanskrit words Vish (venom) Shuddhi (cleansing).

Vishudha “Your inner voice” Chakra is the center of ‘control cleansing and purification’ of all the internal and external communication and creative expressions.

Vishudha Chakra is the point of our connection and communication and it empowers our ability to synergise through the spoken word what is in our hearts and in our mind. Balancing the energies of this chakra is fundamental to our very existence.

Vishudha Chakra is also known as Throat Chakra

Element: Ether.


Test if you identify with any of the following?

1. Do you self-express and communicate well?

2. Do you believe you speak the truth?

3. Do you have the capacity and clarity of thoughts and feelings others can understand?

4. Do your voice has clarity and resonance when you speak?

5. Are you a good listener?

6. Do you choke up, have a restricted speech or talk too much?

7. Do you catch yourself talking just as a defense?

8. Do you have the inspiration and creativity but you feel inability to express?

9. Do you suffer from temper tantrums (out of the “blue”)?

10. Do you have a healthy thyroid; balanced metabolism?

11. Do you have a healthy mouth; teeth, gums, tongue, tonsils and throat?

12. Are you tone deaf and have poor rhythm?

13. Is your voice raspy and you suffer from a chronic soar throat?

14. Do you tend to suffer from laryngitis and swollen glands?

15. Do you, from time to time, suffer from mouth ulcers and gum difficulties?

16. Does you back hurt, is your upper body misaligned?

17. Do you suffer from a recurring pain in the neck and shoulders?

18. Is thyroid an issue with you?

19. Do you get constant headaches?

20. Do you tend to suffer from ear infections?

All these issues could be related to an imbalance in your Vishudha Chakra


Every single time we open our mouths we are making a choice to heal or harm. Each word as it is uttered takes a little form in the etheric matter, just as a thought does in the mental matter.

It would be nice to speak at most times the “right words”, “kind speech” and respectful expressions.

Evolution Stage: 7 to 12 years
Development issues: 20s to 30s

This chakra begins its journey when we choose to take responsibility for our lives by moving ahead and living the truth or choose to withhold ourselves from our relationships, careers and ourselves.  To know more about Chakra imbalance associated ailments… Read on


Vishudha Chakra Balancing, Healing and Meditation therapies

1. Mantra and Vibration Yoga.
2. Learn communication skills.
3. Inner child communication.
4. Practice silence.
5. Body Movement – loosen neck and shoulders.
6. Hasya Yoga.


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