Warm lemon water for Detox & weight loss

Yes! Drinking warm lemon water helps Detox and in weight loss…

Ancient Science always believed so and the western medicine is slowly waking up the benefits of these ancient detox and weight loss remedies. A few compelling reasons why one should shift to warm lemon water detox and weight loss:


Warm lemon water Detox can help overcome puffiness and chronic water retention

Lemon being a natural Diuretic, helps overcome chronic water retention, bloating and body puffiness.


Warm lemon water helps in Colon Detox; boosts energy

Warm water & Lemon is considered a laxative; a natural cleanse for the intestines & colon that helps in eliminating waste.


Water with lemon cleanses and detoxifies liver

Lemon juice stimulates the liver bile production; releases toxins out of the body. Lemon water also helps balance Calcium & Oxygen levels in the liver; helps overcome heartburn.


Vitamin C aids Natural Weight Loss

Optimised vitamin C intake, as opposed to being vitamin C-deficient, helps body set off a series of chemical reactions; breaks down body fat for use as energy.


Warm lemon water cleanses and detoxify skin

Vitamin C rich Lemon/lime help fight the free radicals associated with aging, wrinkles and allergies.


Warm lemon water helps overcome Diabetics and Obesity

Flavonoids in lemons help decrease Liver’s production of cholesterol and triglycerides, helping in the management of Obesity and Diabetes.


Pectin Fiber in lemon helps lose weight

Water with lemon helps with Weight loss. Pectin fiber in Lemon helps suppress hunger cravings. Studies suggest people with a better alkaline diet lose weight faster.


Lemon Water naturally helps lose an extra 3kg weight an year

Sugary and aerated drinks, besides damaging the system, add stubborn weight to the body. A simple shift can help neutralise stubborn fat and bringing elevated blood sugar back to balance.


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