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Warning Signs your Body needs a Detox

How do you know if you need a full Body Detox? What are the warning Signs? Does the body give a signal? Don’t worry… Your body or your mind will tell you, you just need to be conscious of the signals…

Why does the Body need a Detox?

Our bodies have an innate capacity to naturally cleanse on a daily basis BUT at times, the body gets loaded with too much toxins coming from chemicals, food preservatives, water contamination, pesticides, radiation exposure or pollution and gets lodged in bowel, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and adipose tissue leading to a wide array of health complications.

Warning signs (Health complications) that you need a Detox

An external Detoxification process is required when the internal cleansing process cannot cope up with toxins, on its own.

Remember, an aided detox is only needed when the internal detox has failed. External Detox is a stimulus; a necessary process that can kick start a full body health. Always consult a related health expert for your specific needs.

Your Body need a Detox if you have these issues…

1/10. Low energy level

If you wake up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic and stays the same throughout the day, you are overdue for a detox. Consider a colon cleanse with step-by-step detoxification program which helps you loose unwanted toxins and makes you feel light and energetic.

2/10. Unspecified Depression

You are what you eat, not only from body but your brain too. Over indulgence of low quality and highly processed food greatly affects your body and determines your mood. Depression can be a result of too much toxins in your bowels, liver and brain.

Cleansing of colon with enemas and consuming yellow, orange and green foods can help remove excess toxins from your system and frees your brain from the pattern of negative thinking.

3/10. Brain fog

Persistent feeling of confusion, forgetfulness, lack of focus and ‘spacing-out’ can be a sign of Brain fog.

A detox program not only frees you from toxins but also improves your capacity to focus, and stay on task to get things done.

Green smoothies, juices, chlorophyll supplements and spirulina along with high fiber foods and probiotics help in detoxification of brain. Avoid sugar and processed foods.

4/10. Insomnia

If you are finding difficulty in getting to sleep for no obvious reason, it is more likely that your body is flushed up with toxins, especially your liver. Sleep is regulated by melatonin, a hormone released by pineal gland. Toxins can reduce amount of melatonin in blood affecting natural and restful sleep.

Liver friendly diet including beets, broccoli, cauliflower chlorophyll rich foods, apples, garlic and onions are reported to cleanse liver.

5/10. Constipation

If you have tried consuming fiber rich food, adjusted your diet and have been using laxatives for a while with limited or no results, it could be your body’s inability to cope with the excess toxins it is exposed to. Constipation is not only uncomfortable but can lead to serious problems like anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

Colon cleanses along with healthy lifestyle, cannot only clean the colon of any stored fecal matter but also makes digestion more efficient.

6/10. Stress

Chronic stress may not only affect your brain but your overall health. From metabolism to immunity, from hormonal imbalance to quality of life it can affect each and every shore of your life.

Not only this, stress can really break your body down and you may end up with unhealthy behaviors like binge eating and alcohol or smoking abuse.

Exercise in any form along with 15 minutes of conscious breathing should be a part of your detox program no matter how busy your schedule may be.

7/10. Inability to Lose Weight

If you are having trouble losing weight and instead you are gaining more than normal, it could be because of plenty of stored up ‘Ama’ toxins causing hormonal imbalance.

A systemic Detox, healthy diet and exercise will help in a healthy and a sustained long-term weight loss.

8/10. Body Odour

Body odor is natural and everyone has his or her peculiar body smell. But if you smell all over and even a liberal spray of dews and perfumes don’t work, its time for you to consider a liver Detox to help eliminate any toxic overload.

Add probiotics, green leafy vegetables, medicinal mushrooms, fiber rich diet, remove animal products and cleanse your liver and bowel to get rid of unwanted smell.

9/10. Indigestion

Indigestion is often a symptom of increase toxins in body and indigestion, over a period of time, can lead to an intestinal toxin overload.

Cleansing your gut with eating a lot of green leafy vegetables, probiotics, gut friendly herbs, drinking detox shakes and green smoothies with enzymes and probiotics for 2-4 weeks is proved to be effective.

10/10. Some of the other signs that you need a Detox
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Stubborn Weight issues
  • Persistent Sinus problem
  • Bloating and Water retention
  • Bad breath that last more than a few days
  • Unexplainable Muscle and Joint pains aches
  • Skin problems like rashes, eczema, psoriasis, sores and acne

Do not get comfortable with not feeling well. Act NOW! Exercise, eat healthy, breathe correctly and rehydrate yourself well. I strongly recommend to consult a related expert/professional for your specific requirements.

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