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Ways to stay Happy

‘Ways to stay happy’ and ‘How to stay happy’ is a mirage (?) everyone is chasing. ‘Be happy’ is such a buzzword that innumerable movies, articles have been written centred around the concept of happiness and how it is the key to an ideal life.

Zooming in to the present day world, the main root of all problems seem to lie in the fact that happiness is a way of being, yet one that is barely accessible. Blame it on stress, career drives or packed schedules, nobody really has time for happiness. Everybody believes in a run-of-the-mill lifestyle but nobody cares to see that this is adversely affecting the way things should be.

Have you forgotten to be anything but too busy?

The more monotonous or sedentary you make life, the worse it can become. Yes, the worst part could be that we are so involved in the monotony of activities that we have forgotten to take the simple life corrections to feel better, at times.

Check out the best ways to find happiness back on but in a way that you do not end up having to do a huge deal. Moreover, you need to know that happiness does not cost a bomb and it is not guaranteed always.

Here are a few best ways to be happy without having to exert much…

1/14. Accept NOT everything can be changed
accept not everything can be changed. fret for a while. Accept. Smile. Learn. Move on. Unfortunately, most do not go beyond fretting.

I have seen a whole lot of people trying to flow against the tide. In fact, they try to beat the river into submission. No! it can not happen, however hard one may try.

It is most imperative to understand and accept ‘ALL’ cannot be changed. Same goes for ones internal rumblings. It is important to do a trade off… Accept what can not be changed and rest will fall into place.

Stop fretting. Accept. Smile. Learn. Move on… … Unfortunately, most do not go beyond fretting.

2/14. Learn to Smile
learn to smile. smile even if you don’t have a reason to. Also, a smile can trigger a ripple effect; people will reciprocate.

This is a one of my best ‘ways to stay happy’ remedy. We have all gone into a deep abyss of darkness thanks to mind boggling pressure cooker existences. Have we forgotten to smile amid so much going on in life? Yes, after all, we have forgotten to see that the minimum efforts often lead to the biggest results.

BTW, Brain finds it difficult to decipher the difference between pretend or a true smile. The chemical benefit is the same… So smile even if you don’t have a reason to. Also, a smile can trigger a rippling effect; people around will reciprocate.

3/14. Get a Pet buddy
get a pet buddy. It is scientific that having a pet actually helps you be happy. get one but only if you are pet lover.

It is scientific that having a pet actually helps you be happy. The hours spent in petting will actually help you relax. Frankly speaking, there is a lot going on when it comes to petting. When you pamper a pet, it is evident that you realise happy hormones. In fact, the joys of petting are realised  in a way that you are doing something for a living being without expectations. This actually leads to another science backed way that can lead to being happy.

An Advice: You should only get a pet if you are an animal lover and absolutely fine with taking care of it for all its natural life. BTW, Dogs do not grow up, they remain child-like for all their life, so decide accordingly.

4/14. Make love; it triggers the happiness hormone
make love; it triggers the happiness hormone but only with your partner else things can get complicated.

Yes this is a surprise pick but then sex makes you happy. The happy hormones tale is applicable here as well. You end up feeling good about yourself after having sex and then you actually end up in a happy zone round the day.

Sex relieves you of stress and thus, you can focus on work or tasks at hand way better than what you could before having sex. The best bit of sex with a partner who you are in a long term relationship with is way more appreciable given your coordination that makes the level of happiness higher.

5/14. If possible, live closer to workplace
live close to office. A short commute can leave you happier than a big house with long travel. traffic jams cause unhappiness.

A short commute can leave you much happier than a big house with long travel. Moving twice a day for 5 days a week is not surprising that the effect of commute will make you a lot unhappier. A big house or a great compensation will never let you be happy if you got to travel long distances every day.

6/14. Go outside. Soak in some Vitamin D
get some vitamin d. Go Outside. Fresh air and some sun is highly imperative to improve your happiness. just 20 minutes in good.

Fresh air is highly imperative to improve your happiness. Going outside for just 20 minutes can boost up your mood, make you feel positive, broaden and help you improve your memory. Though it ‘s hard to spend time outside doing nothing in such busy lives, the fresh air demands you to be there just for 20 minutes of the day. This will make you happy and also strengthen you up to work hard all day.

7/14. Exercise, whatever makes you Happy
just exercise. practice whatever makes you happy.

Most of us exercise with a goal in mind. While it is perfectly okay to have a target figure or goal in mind while exercising, you need to know that simply exercise for the joy of it. If you go for a jog enjoy the fresh feel and if you go for a walk, you need to feel the breeze in your face. Once you begin your day in this way, there is no looking back at.

Btw, if you feel you are not a jogger or a serious exerciser, simple leisurely consistent walk should be on your list of ‘how to stay happy’.

8/14. Take a Break… Just Chill
just take a break. simply find a little time to wind off your regular routine. just take a simple pause.

Additionally, you can actually take a break. This does not mean that you will need to go on a trip or a vacation. This simply means to find a little time to wind off your regular routine.

Stop carrying work back home daily and ensure that you are not actually stressing truckloads over what you have to do next. As we specified earlier, you have to understand that goal setting is healthy as long as it does not cramp up your own space. Leave space to do things you love and do them just for the sake of it.

Stop associating a commercial or moneymaking ideology with things that are simply your passion.

9/14. Spend time with your friends and family
be with friends/family. being social is imperative to improve happiness, no matter you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Usually, people avoid spending time with their friends, particularly families. However, on their deathbed, thats what they surely regret. So, if you start spending some time with your family and friends, it could make you happier now.

Being social is imperative to improve our happiness, no matter you are an introvert or an extrovert. Money cannot get the happiness that the social relationships will.

10/14. Practice Self Love
practice self love. Unless you are happy in your own space, you do not actually find the footing to love anybody else.

Yes, self love is important and while we do not suggest that you turn into a narcissist, it is essential that you do not forget that pampering yourself is key to attaining happiness. You have to understand that self love is important because it leaves you happier than anything else.

Unless you know that you are happy in your own space, you do not actually find the footing to love anybody else.

11/14. Sleep. Helps to focus and be more productive
take an afternoon snooze. If you keep working in the afternoons you are more likely to get sensitive to negative emotions.

You will seem to be less sensitive to negative emotions if you sleep more. It helps to recover energy lost during the day and contributes to get more focused and productive.

Researches show that those who do not take a nap and keep working in the afternoons are more likely to get sensitive to negative emotions like angry, anxiety later in the day. Ideally, a 7-hour sleep is a must for every adult.

12/14. Help others. Compassion helps…
compassion helps. even 2 hours per week for some social activity is known to help gain inner peace. helps stay happy.

It is known that you should help others for at least 100 hours every year. This calculation denotes 2 hours every week should be contributed to make others happy. This helps you gain a sense of inner peace.

13/14. Show Gratitude. It improves happiness as well as life satisfaction
gratitude improves happiness as well as life satisfaction. gratitude gives inner satisfaction and happiness.

Gratitude is the eminence of being thankful, the willingness to show appreciation and returning the kindness. It is quite obvious from all our daily life practices that being grateful for the right things always seems to make your day good. This is because the feeling of gratefulness makes you think less about the sad part of life.

When others help you and have done things better for you, always show gratitude for it. It gives inner self-satisfaction and happiness.

14/14. Practice some Meditation
meditation is a source that can help look things in the right perspective. meditation can help rewire your brain for happiness.

Though it may sound boring, it is actually not. Meditation is a source that will rewire your brain for happiness. Meditation is a technique or call it as an art that helps you improve your duration of focus, attention and clarity.

Meditation also helps you keep calm thereby boosting up your happiness. It helps to realise that whatever happens in life is never everlasting and gives strength to the mind to process life issues.

Writers Note: I am of the opinion that ‘ways to stay happy’ and ‘how to stay happy’ is not really difficult if the same is practised under the guidance of related counsellor or a guide. Along with one to one sessions, please attend happiness management classes, lectures, workshops, retreats and/or courses, whenever possible. All the Best!

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