Executive Fatigue and Burnout

Executive fatigue and burnout is a 21st century reality

It is a term used to describe adrenal gland fatigue brought on when someone can no longer respond adequately to the demands of their work-life.


More than 90% of middle and senior level executives complain of constant fatigue and lack of motivation from time to time. Are you also one of them them? Read on…

1. Do you feel a drop in libido?

2. Do you or have you started exercising vigorously?

3. Do you have a recurring and unexplainable body aches?

4. Is non-specific stress wreaking havoc in your personal life?

5. Have you recently developed ridges and vertical lines on your nails?

6. Are the 24×7 demands of your work leaving you fatigued and depressed?

7. Have you, in the recent past, gained weight, especially around the mid rift?

8. Are you experiencing a host of physical ailments without any specific reason?

9. Normal break or holidays from work are not helping you overcome this dull daily living.


If you have answered affirmatively to most of these questions, you’re standing on the brink of a perilous 21st century medical hazard looming large – Adrenal Burnout.

Also known as the Executive Burnout, the issue is rarely taken seriously in the corporate world where working for 18-20 hours a day with minimum sleep has become a norm.


A recent study on business executives by the Harvard Medical School faculty revealed that 96% of the senior executives consistently feel burnt out. Among them, one-third stated their burnout as extreme.


Adrenal Burnout

Simply put, Adrenal fatigue and burnout is a major breakdown of the energy producing systems of your body.

The adrenal glands – known as the ‘glands of stress’ – prepare you to deal with stress coming from your work or personal life. Under normal stressful situations, the adrenals produce adequate amount of stress hormones necessary for the body. But when you go through chronic stress, they become overworked leading to adrenal fatigue. If stress continues to remain unmanaged, it results in depletion of the adrenals, causing Adrenal Burnout.

Adrenal Burnout syndrome is also often confused with normal fatigue. But there’s a stark difference – while usual fatigue can be overcome by proper rest and sleep, Adrenal Burnout isn’t that easy to cure.

Adrenal fatigue is simply the allowance of stressors to influence and perhaps take control of your life…

Strangely enough, the mainstream medical community has rebuffed Dr. Wilson’s theory citing that it doesn’t have any scientific validity. However, Adrenal Burnout can disrupt the hormonal, digestive and detoxification systems of the body – a crucial reason behind the most traumatic health hazards.

Research suggests that in the US around 80% of the adult population suffers from adrenal fatigue during their lifetime, but it continues to remains one of the most under-diagnosed diseases of the country.

“Our lifestyles have changed, but our bodies haven’t,” said Dr. Wilson.

Adrenal Burnout affects Senior Executive, more…

Adrenal fatigue and Burnout is a clear indication of what happens when we overburden our body’s natural stress-fighting mechanism. And, more than the lower-rung employees, it has hit the top honchos.

Upheavals in the economy, discontent shareholders, management of the workforce and delivering targets in the face of growing expectations trigger chronic stress among the high-level executives. The fact that they are always expected to perform flawlessly and set an example for the employees makes matters worse.

1. Reports suggest that over 60% of the executives experience chronic stress and anxiety on a regular basis.

2. The average tenure of a global chief executive has dropped from 8.1 years to 6.3 years in the last decade.

3. UK economy has to shell out £4 billion in lost workdays resulting from stress, anxiety and depression.


In the late 2011, António Horta-Osório, the CEO of Lloyds Banking Group, suffered from extreme fatigue due to high stress and took a two-months leave from his job within a year of joining. As soon as he left, the shares of the bank started dropping and the trend continued for the next few weeks. This case brought to focus the instability a company runs in when its top executives are distressed.


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