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Why do people fail to meet fitness goals?

‘Why do people fail to meet fitness goals’ is what happens to most of us on regular basis. Statically, 80% of those who join any health and fitness regime around every new year, drop out by the time the calendar hits 1st March.

Fitness plans are often started with high expectations…

They get the diets charted, join the gym, get the best fitness trainer, and decide on the type of fitness program and what not? But why just a small percentage of people make it to the estimated goal. What is it that is stopping or preventing people from achieving their goals? Here are a few reasons…

1. Unrealistic goals

Nothing gets done in a day. When people make fitness resolutions, everything goes perfect in the first few days. But all they want is a quick change. People do not realize that fitness is a long-term goal and it requires a lot of patience and effort to reach there. If you get disappointed initially, and think it is not working out, you cannot attain fitness. Things are going to be difficult first, but gradually they all do pay off.

2. Improper sleep

When you start working out, your body will initially have difficulties adjusting to the new changes. This way, body needs enough rest. But if you do not get proper sleep, it will account to numerous health issues, you will be tired all the time, and finally you will think of quitting your workout regime because you cannot take it anymore. Most do not realize the mistake here. Proper sleep is also a key to fitness goals.

3. Starvation

It is all about eating right, and not starving. What happens usually is that out of excitement and dedication initially, people cut down their food a lot. They don’t realise this will never help anyone to lose weight. Food deprivation slows down the metabolism; it makes their immune system weak and they fall ill. This eventually ends up dropping out of their fitness regime.

4. It’s all in your head

When you take up something like fitness, first of all you need to understand it is not a big deal, but at the same time not a small deal too. Learn to prioritize and squeeze your workout time in to daily schedule. When you say you do not have time to care about fitness right now because of all work and hectic schedules, you are just finding reasons.

Fitness is not just about spending an hour in the gym every day. It is about your whole lifestyle. You make a choice between taking the elevator and climbing the stairs. You make the conscious choice to eat the chocolate dessert OR not.

All these are the decisions you made which determine how your fitness aspirations go. Fitness is about staying healthy, and you should never be short of time to invest time and energy on your health.

5. Dehydration

Your body loses a lot of water in the form of sweat while working out. If you don’t replenish it by drinking sufficient amount of water, you will soon fall sick and get tired of your fitness routines. Water is very essential for your body, needless to say. Thus ensure that you supply your body with enough water during workouts.

6. Being irregular

One day you work out for two hours, and the next day five minutes. One day you eat all cooked vegetables and fruits, and the next day you eat cheesy pizzas. Why confuse your body with such complicated fitness routines. You will gradually end up observing no changes in your body despite your occasional workouts. You need to be regular when it comes to both working out and diet. Otherwise, you will only get disappointed and quit your fitness aspirations.

7. Laziness

This will always be THE evergreen reason for people to quit their fitness program. When you have made a decision, you need to be determined enough to execute it. But yes, it is difficult to make up your mind, convince yourself, and push yourself till the doors of the gym every day. Similarly it takes a lot of control to say no to that yummy Chicken Biriyani next to you and choose the fruit bowl.

Everything comes with a price. But you need to figure out what is more important and prioritise – temporary craving or healthy living? Which one is worth it?

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” ― Jess C. Scott
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