We have repeat ‘life traps’ patterns in our lives

How we feel, think, behave and react in a situation, real or imaginary start getting coded into our psyche from a very young age of around 6 years.

These life trap impressions get subconsciously triggered whenever we are face a related situation. These patterns color our thinking and how we cope with issues and situations; they become our life traps. They repeat over-and-over again!


Jeffrey E. Young and Janet S Klosko in their book ‘Reinventing Your Life’ explain some of these LIFE traps. These are:

1. Abandonment (Please don’t leave me)

2. Mistrust and Abuse (I can’t trust you)

3. Emotional Deprivation (I’ll never get the love I need)

4. Social Exclusion (I don’t fit in)

5. Dependence (I can’t make it on my own)

6. Vulnerability (Catastrophe is about to strike)

7. Defectiveness (I’m worthless)

8. Failure (I am such a failure)

9. Subjugation (I always do it your way)

10. Unrelenting Standards (It’s never quite good enough)

11. Entitlement (I can have whatever I want)


The best way to overcome ‘life trap’ is through thought restructuring, i.e. the process of substituting erroneous thought patterns with those that are true and useful to you.

Aashish Nanda

I am not a Spiritual Guru. I am not a Healer. I am not a Coach. I am not a Transformer. After trying to define myself, with various labels, I realized that I am simply a Muser... I just pen down what appeals to me. Please consult a professional guide, in case you need any advice.

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