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Why does a relationship go bad?

How many times have you ever practiced the heartburn of a relationship gone bad?

In the real world there are always consequences: painful and generally lifelong consequences. So what will one do to limit your exposure to those bad relationships?

When most people enter a relationship the things that, most of the days, appear to attract are sex, chemistry, sex, attraction, sex, friendship, sex, passion, sex, convenience, sex, money, sex…

While passion and enjoying a satisfying sex life are key components to a healthy relationship, they ought to be simply a part of the complete experience BUT what happens once the passion dies down? Are you prepared with a back up to make the relationship last?

If you really wish to make sure of compatibility with a possible mate then you would like to begin being honest with yourself. Ask yourself… …

Your core needs: What am I able to NOT live without?

There should be very few answers in this column. This column should contain the things you are most passionate about in the world.

Good relationships are the ones where your love interest has the acceptance of your core needs and encourages you to live with these needs.

Bad relationships is a nagging spouse who is against you spending time on the things that you need to be happy.

Your desires and fantasies: What qualities would you like in a partner?

What kind of a partner are you looking for? An example, if you are primarily a “looks” conscious person then you will never be happy dating someone who doesn’t put all his or her efforts into looking good.

If you want a “supermodel wardrobe woman” then don’t date a woman whose preference is for a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops and if you want a man with a six-pack, three piece suit and sports car then don’t date an ‘average Joe’.

Bad relationships is constantly nagging someone about their appearance is degrading and causes insecurity, emotional outbursts, anger and resentment. This isn’t fun for either person. It is a total No Go Zone…

Acceptable price: What will these qualities cost me?

Do you want your spouse working 70-80 hour weeks on their career to provide with the security and financial status you crave? Or will you feel, after a time, that they have forgotten about you?

Will you be happy living with 26 dogs, 3 cats and a parrot?

Many people have a wish list of things they want out of a partner but very few look realistically at the long-term costs of these desires AND when the fantasies collide with reality most people are left devastated, disillusioned and angry.

Good relationships are ones where both people are happy with their day-to-day existence.

Research well… Give yourself time before you decide. Stop the pain of bad relationships before it starts!

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