Workplace Burnout: Causes – treatment

Workplace Burnout is the condition causing physical and emotional tiredness in a person due to performing a difficult job for a long time.

Workplace Burnout is a psychological stress and it occurs when one feels unable to meet constant real or perceived demands. As stress continues one begins to lose interest or motivation to accomplish the assigned work. Burnout originates in the mind due to this prolonged and excessive stress and starts affecting day-to-day living adversely.


The tell tale signs of Workplace Burnout…. Do you have them?

People suffering from burnout situations feel exhaustion, angry, helpless, trapped and sapped. The main ascertaining feature of burnout is that people won’t do again what they have been doing.

People suffering from burnout generally have these ascribable characteristics

1. Excessive stress
2. Chronic fatigue
3. Anxiety
4. Anger at those making demands
5. A negative spillover into personal relationship
6. Self criticism
7. Sense of being assailed
8. Negativity, distrust and sarcasm and peevishness
9. Provoked display of emotions.


Burnout can cause serious ailments like

1. Insomnia
2. Depression
3. Heart diseases
4. High cholesterol
5. Stroke
6. Obesity
7. Type II diabetes especially in women
8. Vulnerability to illness

Not only above sufferings, burnout persons may vent anger at subordinates and family or withdraws even from each other partially or completely. They may try to escape the pressure of work through sickness, absenteeism or through drugs/alcohol. They could also become rigid or appear cold and detached.


What causes Burnout?

Workplace Burnout is caused when the feeling that you have no control of your work arise; when you are doing monotonous or unchallenging work for a considerable period without fetching fruitful results; when you have to work in disorganized, anarchic or high pressure environments; when there is lack of recognition or response for your good work; when there are unclear or inordinately expectations rest upon you.

Further burnout can also be a result of too much work without enough time for relaxation and socializing, when you have to bear too many responsibilities without enough help from others, when there is lack of close supportive relationship from your subordinates, colleagues or higher management.


The main causes of Burnout

1. Inability to control situations
2. Unclear and immediate job expectations
3. Rampageous and dysfunctional workplace dynamics
4. Inadequate remuneration for your work
5. Work -overburden
6. Mismatch in values
7. Insufficient social support
8. Imbalance in work and life


Ways to prevent Burnout and lead a balanced life…

Workplace Burnout is a gradual process that occurs over an extended period of time, it does not eventuate overnight, but it creeps up on you gradually. If you pay attention to above-mentioned symptoms you can prevent a major breakdown.

1. Time limits on a job are crucial. People should not be forced to work 18 hrs a day, even on emergency.
2. Physical exercise in any form is helpful as it provides a healthy outlet for adverse emotions
3. Start the day with exercise and meditation
4. Healthy eating should be started to gain energy and resilience to deal with life’s hassles
5. Learn to say ‘NO’ to requests, in time
6. Get time to disconnect with work
7. Try something creative, as it is antidote to burnout
8. Don’t shun taking help from juniors or seniors
9. Don’t do duties not assigned to you
10. Slow down and have a break
11. Share your difficulties with friends or family
12. If burnout seems inevitable seek medical advice


Burnout brings with it many losses, which can often go obscure and trap a lot of your energy. It takes an appalling amount of emotional control to keep you from feeling the pain of these losses. When these loses are recognized, you will be under the process of healing of burnout situation and the trapped energy will be released automatically.


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