Unique yoga clothes by YogiWear

Story of Betty and why she started YogiWear

For as long as she could remember, Betty’s had a passion for living a fit and healthy lifestyle. But, this passion was taken to the next level in 2014. This was when she found herself the victim of an unfortunate accident that shattered the fibula and tibia bones in her left leg.

To ensure a complete recovery, she underwent 5 major surgeries. She also completed a year’s worth of intensive physical therapy.

During this time, Betty couldn’t wait to get back to her beloved yoga. But, when she finally had a chance to practice again, she found that things weren’t the same as before. Her yoga clothing proved to be an unforeseen issue. That is, the outfits irritated her new scars and made it difficult for her to do the poses she once loved so much.

This first-hand experience inspired Betty to create a line of yoga wear that fit like a second skin. She also wanted her designs to be bold and bright – filled with tones and hues that were reminiscent of the colorful atmosphere of South Beach.

Her ultimate goal was to design beautiful, comfortable, and affordable yoga clothing for yoga lovers everywhere. In this way, her line would move with the body and help wearers express their personal spirit and style.


How to find the right yoga clothes for you?

When you look good, you feel good. Thus, when you practice the beneficial yoga, it’s important that you wear clothing that makes you feel gracious, honored, and beautiful.

Other tips for choosing the best yoga wear for your workout include…

1. Opt for clothing that clings to the shape of your body while allowing plenty of room for movement.

2. Yoga tops should provide modest coverage and bra-like support. Avoid tops with loose collars or necklines as these can be quite irritating – especially when doing inversions.

3. Yoga pants that are too loose can slide and get in the way of yoga poses. Drawstring pants are comfortable but, not when lying on your stomach and shorts tend to bunch up. Thus, the best yoga pants are the ones with an elastic waist and conform to your shape.

4. Earthy tones and light colors are great representations of yoga’s Zen effect. Fashion divas, on the other hand, may want to spice things up with exotic prints and bold colors.

5. Layer your clothing to counteract the microclimates in class.

6. Breathable fabrics prevent your skin from getting clogged by the toxins and sweat that are released from the body when doing the poses.


Unlike other workout regimens, yoga is not about competition…

Yoga offers practitioners an excellent way to relax and get in shape but, yoga’s fundamental goal is to help you know yourself on the deepest level. This is integral to finding inner happiness.

Paying attention to small details, like the clothes that you wear during practice, will make sure that your time is spent focused on the most important things – like the poses themselves. This is where YogiWear comes in. It is a brand that offers yogis unsurpassed value, unique designs, and unbeatable comfort. In short, it is the epitome of everything that Betty envisioned. Contact YogiWear at…

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