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Pallavi Sadh: My Yoga Journey

I am Pallavi Sadh, a yoga teacher operating out of Noida, Delhi NCR. This small write up is about my yoga journey and how it shaped me into a yoga teacher who is tuned in into my clients needs.


I was only 21 when was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). I was a ballet and a contemporary dancer then but unfortunately due to my health condition had to drop the idea of becoming a dancer. For me it was heart breaking to let go of the idea to be a professional dancer.

But it was due to which I was advised I practice yoga, as MS has no cure. With numb limbs and a poor vision but a strong and loving family support I took off to Kerala to study yoga and Ayurveda with the intention to just heal myself and come out of depression.

I won’t exactly say yoga has completely helped me heal my physical challenges with MS but has surely shown me a positive way of living Life. I owe a big part of my life to the power of Yoga.


Yoga is the reason I can travel and share my yoga wisdom with others. I, in the last few years, have been invited to lecture and teach at various yoga studios and centers, in India and places like Nepal and Dubai. From time to time I voluntarily teach yoga classes at  Sivananda Yoga Centre, New Delhi. My journey is still on…

Yoga is the martial art of the Soul and the opponent is the strongest you will ever face… Your EGO


My Yoga classes in Noida. In Noida, I conduct regular group yoga classes and bespoke yoga sessions at home and also out of my Noida Home Studio. I am contactable at my phone number 919910054134 (Noida, India). To know more about my yoga classes and related work, you can take a look at my facebook page:

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I am not a Spiritual Guru. I am not a Healer. I am not a Coach. I am not a Transformer. After trying to define myself, with various labels, I realized that I am simply a Muser... I just pen down what appeals to me. Please consult a professional guide, in case you need any advice.

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